Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Indra has a theory. We were talking about all the Blagojevich craziness, and the man has said some truly crazy things, and she asked me 'do you think his hair is sentient?'. That stopped me for a moment, I actually thought about it, and you know it might explain things.

For example why his hair looks like it has a life of its own, and is apparently eating his head. Also some of the ignorant, stupid and down right odd statements could be explained by alien hair taking him over.

Apparently I am not the only one to think so. The Inside Dope speculates that his hair may be planning to run for office. MSNBC had a report of Blagojevich refusing to let the professional stylists for The View touch his hair. Suspicious, huh. The Chicago Sun Times thinks his hair might be a sign of mental illness. Mental illness, alien possession, not that different really. Even the Washington Post has noticed his hair, calling it a black cloud. Yeah a black brain sucking cloud! But if even the Washington post has commented on it it must be true!

Monday, January 26, 2009

When Moneys tight

This was one of the post cards on the Post Secret site this weekend. I initial reaction is she should have told him to peddle his own ass, and secondly that she was worth more than a measly armor upgrade. I told Indra about the postcard and told her that I would generously let her have sex with other people but I expected her to hold out for the good stuff, computer parts! I think that was very generous of me.

Tax season started on January 15th with a bang (hence the lack of posts). We broke efiling and wouldn't you know it everyone wanted to efile. :( I am working 50-60 hour weeks already and I am really not happy about it. funnily enough the people that wait over an hour to talk to me aren't very happy either. I was spoiled by how easy last year was. Darn it, I shouldn't have to work this hard!

To top of a great week Indra's computer tanked. It looks like her Video card went bad and took her windows with it. I swapped her video card for mine and reinstalled windows and she is up and running, I put an old video card in my machine and I am finally up and running too. Neither one of us is pleased with the quality of our display but so far it is tolerable (Indra is having problems raiding in WOW though). The problem is we don't need a new component so much as we need a whole new system and that isn't in the budget for a couple more years (lots of other more important things first). I am not sure Indra's computer is going to hold out that long. So referring back to the first paragraph anyone want to help us out?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back Again

So I am back again. December was a bad month for me. I forgot to get my depression meds refilled and by the time Xmas rolled around I was crying at Christmas carols. Now newly medicated life is good and I am back to singing badly whenever Indra isn't around to complain (and even sometimes when she is).

Tax season has started and I worked my first 60 hour week. It wouldn't be so bad if the stupid people didn't keep calling. You know the ones that can't figure out that the customer id and customer number are the same thing. Or my favorite for the week the woman who called me up because she only reads for fun and wanted me to tell her how to install the program so she wouldn't have to read our instructions. I can already tell its going to be a long season.

Xmas was good despite the depression, I actually managed to get alot done. I am now working from home and let me tell you that saves a bundle on gas and gives me about 3 extra hours in my day (4 if I don't get dressed). I am thinking this will only get better as tax season progresses. The best thing about working at home has got to be the warm fuzzies, pets and sunshine. Though I will admit the food is pretty good too.

With the new yr It is time for resolutions, I always have a hard time with this because I hate make resolutions I know I won't keep and I hate making wimpy little resolutions that are easy to keep. Its a fine line but once again I am going to try.

I hereby resolve that in 2009 I will.....
Lose weight thru better diet and exercise (the exercise is the killer here)
That I will never again let my depression prescription lapse (I am mean when depressed and Indra doesn't deserve it)
I will find a way to make more money (I got a spare kidney if anyone is interested)
I will finish Lisa's sweater, some sort of top for me and a pair of socks this yr. (I can do it I know I can)
And you know I think that's about it.

Good luck with your new year resolutions.