Thursday, September 25, 2008

See Below.

Its been a bit, I just get so overwhelmed at times, so many things to write, not enough time (or sleep) and then there is always tomorrow. Not that I procrastinate or anything. But still I can put things off forever if need be.

My life is like a roller coasted you go up the bottom drops out you crawl back up and then get jerked to the side. the whole time you heart is franticaly beating and you have a death grip on the wholey inadequate safety bar. And as exciting as it all is eventualy you get tired of the white knuckle thrills and just want off. Right now I am doing a slow crawl to the top. Maybe this time I will actualy make it.

I have been enjoying my cooking, but I simply have not had enough time to knit. I keep saying after I have my craft room clean and organized, still hasn't happened though. I did actualy start a shrug for Bridget's baby. And have plans for a second. But Xmas is getting ever closer and I am sooooo not ready.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could just save the money you usualy spend on presents and get yourself something nice?

Is it sad that the highlight of my work week has been training and the time off the phone, while the highlight of my home life this week has been, well Indra? Makes me want to cuddle up and never leave home (that may just be my cold toes talking though).

I am getting frustrated with my knitting, the lace knitting I was doing is taking more concentration then I have at the moment. And since I am pattern free on my childrens stuff I am ripping alot to get what I think is the right proportions. fortunately kids are small and so it goes quick. I am almost ready to actualy knit me something, It is just hard finding a pattern I am sure I will like and then yarn that is afffordable and nice. I am gearing up for socks. I am thinking about locking myself in the craft room for several hours over the weekend so I can get some knitting time in. I just need to find some motivation.