Monday, August 27, 2007

An apple a day (if only)

I was going to tell you all about our new bunny. but I just got done talking with the specialist and need to vent.

He patronized me! If I didn't feel so miserable I would find a different Dr. He didn't listen, and then he insinuated that I didn't know what was going on. And you know what really pisses me off about the whole thing? He didn't tell me anything I didn't already know because he didn't ask questions about what I knew already. AAARGGG, stupid man!!!

Told me I didn't have a sinus infection (knew that), told me I have a slightly deviated septum (knew that) enlarged turbines (knew that) and narrowed sinus ducts (knew that) which means I get sinus infections easy (knew that too) and that sinus drainage and infections cause sore throats (what do you know, I knew that too) And to cap it off he is going to wait til after the sleep study to do / tell me anything else. and you know what, it is going to tell me I have sleep apnea and need a machine before I croak in my sleep, and you know what? I knew that too.

Meanwhile my throat is raw and my ear hurts and I am a grumpy grumpy Temper. And no house work is getting done and Indra is getting no love cause I feel like crap. Crappy Dr! I think I am going to sick Indra on him, I bet Frog and Lisa would help too, cause he makes me wanna cry. I just wanna feel better, whats so wrong about that?

Friday, August 24, 2007

I've been quoted!

I just got a link in someone else's blog. so I thought that warranted a new post. well truthfully I was planning to journal anyway but extra incentive is good. And since it is only polite to link back I really need to get that script from my love Indra again.

Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits wrote in her blog about the joys of rare breed wool. which made me ask what is it (besides the obvious) and why is it better then regular wool. Today when I read her answer I felt stupid, I already knew most of it just had never really thought about it. She also recommended a good book 'In Sheep's Clothing' I am thinking I should get this next instead of another pattern book. I wonder if they have something similar for non wool fibers.

Indra doesn't know it yet but I am rearranging furniture this weekend. with the sister gone I have my craft room back and I am moving the love seat in there and our big dresser which Indra claims is ugly and doesn't use. So now I will fill it with yarn and be happy cause I think it is pretty. It should be fun listening to her throw a fit about it.

I am making a German chocolate cake this weekend and I think I am going to make cabbage rolls. we will see though. I am tired and already have to much to do. I don't think Indra really understands how much time everything she wants me to do really takes.

Monday, August 20, 2007

An apple a day

Indra is a tattle tale. she told the Dr I snored and don't breathe right when I sleep and now I have to do a sleep study before they will remove things. Not that I think he is going to remove things anyway. stupid Dr. I go in and tell him I am miserable and my throat hurts and he looks in my ear and up my nose and down my throat before telling my to get a CT of my sinuses. I mean I know I have sinus problems but tonsils and lymph node and swelling and feeling miserable (with no fever) Next thing you know he will want to do an allergy test and I will still feel miserable. Stupid Dr.

And unfortunately being sick and hurting make me stupid too. All the more reason for the Dr to make it all better, isn't that their job after all? And some guy that I think I signed up for online called Me about 4 times last week before I had time to talk to him and asked me questions I said yes to and gave him info and think I am getting some sort of credit card deal thing. All I know is I have a confirmation number and should be getting something int eh mail soon. Then it is up to Indra to figure it out cause my brain apparently stopped working about a week ago. The last time I felt like this I had hepatitis A and got a gas card when I didn't even have a car. No Idea how or why that happened but they wanted me to pay fees on it later.

On the whole I am sick and stupid line I am afraid I talked myself into organizing a fiber festival. And not a little one either. Not sure how I really feel about it to be honest. So I am going to wait til I feel human to decide. I just hope I don't agree to anything else before I feel better. I think Indra would hurt me if I did.

PS: still didn't win the lotto, oh well another week, another dollar and an even bigger pot.

Friday, August 17, 2007

yarn thoughts

I have been thinking alot recently. Which I will admit is a bit of a stretch at times, not that I don't think but in general it is rather random and not that focused. But recently I have been fairly focused even if it is rather scattered. Not that this was what my point was and yes I did have one. I have been thinking about Knitting and what I need slash want to make a go of it.

I need a filing cabinet. Not only to store patterns and other papers safe from the cats but also for yarn storage. I need a design journal something I can put sketches and pictures in. I need knitting magazines so I can figure out who to market what to and how. I need a mannequin to fit things on. I need a good color printer to print inspirational pictures from the web on and eventually my own patterns.

And I need yarn. Lots of yarn spreading out so far and wide, lala la. pink yarn blue yarn yarn with flecks of green. Wool yarn, silk yarn and yarn of Buffalo fleece. mmmmmm yarn!

Soooooo. now that I am over that I think I am going to go try and sleep it off. what ever it is.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guess What!

I can fit a kitten under my boobies. what can I say I was bored, tired and sick this morning. All sorts of things happen with that combonation.

Not as suprisingly I did not win the Lotto. But I am going to try again, after all this was a small one and so maybe my luck is waiting for a really big pot. After all, I have lots of people and commitments to spread the money around on. Though I did decide last night that one of the first things I would do is have a big party for everyone I know.

I think I have finally resigned myself to having surgery soon. Mainly I think because I have been feeling so miserable. Also cause it will give me a good excuse to sleep for a week, and boy does that sound good. Don't know what I am going to do for money though, going to call my family this weekend and see what they can contribute.

I have to admit in a general kind of way everything is starting to look up. George is gone, Jessie had a job interview for a good job, Frog had a job interview for a great job, I did well on my yearly review, I am finaly addressing some of the health issues I have been putting off for the last however many years and the kittens are finaly done with the ringworm. All I need is more money and I will be set.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

luck of the draw

YOUR DEAREST WISH WILL COME TRUE. Or so my fortune cookie claims. And fortune cookies don't lie right? And since I have my Indra it must mean that at long last financial security will be mine. And since I do no have any rich relatives that could die and leave me a bunch of money I bought a lottery ticket. And since I am not relying solely on the fortune cookie I am reviving my praying skills.

The problem is who to pray to since I am no longer Xtian and usually try to avoid the notice of any higher powers. In fact the only higher powers I can see taking an interest in me and my life are the Imp of Perversity and other random trickster types. I certainly feel like the butt of some cosmic joke at times. Someone had better be enjoying all the crap I go thru because otherwise I just don't see the point. And would hate to think my life was pointless.

On the other hand cosmic trickster types might be just the type to let me win the lottery but I am not sure I would like the punchline to that particular joke. Knowing my luck I would win the lottery and it would be barely enough to pay off my bills and I would be left with just enough to buy a 99 cent burger. And you know while that would be just my luck it would be a significant improvement over my current circumstances.

hmmmmmmm, While I can't be a worshiper of chaos and trickery (just not my personality) I make a pretty good victim. You think that is good enough to get my prayers answered? Or do I need to keep searching for a Deity to champion me. Cause I have been doing the whole relying on myself thing and that is not turning out nearly as well as I would like. And isn't part of the self reliance thing knowing when to ask for help? I just wish it came with instructions on who to ask for help.

So here goes, Anyone, help, please?! I promise to be true to myself (and not bother you to much for repeat performances) and if you leave a forwarding address I'll do what ever is appropriate. Fatted calf anyone?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Knit natter

ok, So I didn't blog yesterday, or the day before or much last week. But that doesn't mean I am stopping I was just feeling miserable. but after sleeping all day monday I am feeling much better. Honest.

Sunday I went to my first knitting group, It was great I sat and talked and knitted for a couple hours and had a great time. And since this group will be meeting on sundays and is only two blocks from the house I can go pretty much everytime. Woo Hoo I have been waiting for this forever.

And you know the best part of sitting and knitting with other people? I actualy got something accomplished. The sweater coat is almost done. I need to weave the ends in and add the buttons and then it will be done! So I must get pictures up soon so you can see the mess it is now opposed to the finished product. Which will be beautiful (fingers crossed).

Ok I was going to journal more but I ran errands at lunch and got to hot and my brain is still working at half capacity. So I leave you with this final thought...

"Luck is my middle name," said Rincewind, indistinctly. "Mind you, my first name is Bad."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Randomness, archive 2/8 and 2/10 2007

Just a thought, whole foods, not really all that whole.

Goes with the guy in India who has been eating nothing but grass for the last several years and the guy who has been living on a liquid diet for over 10 years, or the cult leader who existed on sunshine (and only ate the big macs and chocolate cake cause she enjoyed the taste).

And if you are on the grapefruit diet besides loosing weight what happens to you, and is it cheating if you put sugar on it? And what is up with the women's magazines with the headline loose ten pounds in two weeks and a big picture of a decadent chocolate cake on the cover?


a Google image search has convinced me that opera length gloves are sexy. and apparently look best when worn with very little else. Of course that could just be my inner pervert speaking.

we Have a whiner!

Ok, I HATE the dentist now. this is going on the third day my tummy is in turmoil. And I DO NOT like it! Even hot chocolate is just helping a little. I am a sad Temper.

And really, you know, a crappy feeling nauseated Temper is not the best one to be having important emotional discussions with but that is what I attempted last night. Maybe if I felt better I would be more upset by it. As it is I have put it on simmer and am willing everything to go away.

And I firmly believe the lottery will solve everything.

Really! just think about it. Housework? hire a maid. Car problems? get a new one. Mortage payments? Buy the house. Depressing interiors? Redecorate! Stress? take a vacation. Most Importantly, FEEL LIKE CRAP? Stay home and be pampered! See how everything is easier after you win the lottery?

My numbers? 11 23 28 34 42 and 7. Will they win? Maybe. Just have to wait and see won't we. ;)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

imagine this

The dentist visit yesterday was tiring but not to painful. mainly because they didn't do much. apparently though I am getting old and the drugs they pumped into me made me nauseous all day yesterday and today. There fore I am not a happy camper and am really not looking forward to my next foray into dental medicine. (though they did promise me muscle relaxers to go with my pain pills next time)

One of the highlights of Tuesday was the news that the yarn shop down the road from me will have a knitting group on Sunday I can go to! I am soooo excited. I also got confirmation that my knitted jacket hood was looking good and two books on how to dye. It really made my day special and pretty. I really need more of that in my life I have decided.

To that end, I realized as I was browsing today, I need pictures. Pretty pictures of pretty yarn and my projects in all their staged of incompletion. Cause really while I enjoy blathering on about random thoughts and complaints I really want a place I can talk about my knitting like other people. That may not be me though, we will have to see.

We received out pictures back from Medieval times and I really really need to scan them in and correct them with photoshop because I take truly lousy photos. downright scary they are. And you know I find that I would like some good pictures of me and more importantly Me and Indra. I have always wished we were the type of people who took pictures of everything so I would have images of the past to look back on when I am feeling particularly morose (or ridiculous).

And I need to Play the lotto. My plans are growing and I have no money. And more then anything I want a break. That is my biggest plan, a vacation.