Wednesday, August 01, 2007

imagine this

The dentist visit yesterday was tiring but not to painful. mainly because they didn't do much. apparently though I am getting old and the drugs they pumped into me made me nauseous all day yesterday and today. There fore I am not a happy camper and am really not looking forward to my next foray into dental medicine. (though they did promise me muscle relaxers to go with my pain pills next time)

One of the highlights of Tuesday was the news that the yarn shop down the road from me will have a knitting group on Sunday I can go to! I am soooo excited. I also got confirmation that my knitted jacket hood was looking good and two books on how to dye. It really made my day special and pretty. I really need more of that in my life I have decided.

To that end, I realized as I was browsing today, I need pictures. Pretty pictures of pretty yarn and my projects in all their staged of incompletion. Cause really while I enjoy blathering on about random thoughts and complaints I really want a place I can talk about my knitting like other people. That may not be me though, we will have to see.

We received out pictures back from Medieval times and I really really need to scan them in and correct them with photoshop because I take truly lousy photos. downright scary they are. And you know I find that I would like some good pictures of me and more importantly Me and Indra. I have always wished we were the type of people who took pictures of everything so I would have images of the past to look back on when I am feeling particularly morose (or ridiculous).

And I need to Play the lotto. My plans are growing and I have no money. And more then anything I want a break. That is my biggest plan, a vacation.

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