Monday, December 31, 2007


So I had two weeks of stress and not eating or sleeping right and one week computer free due to training I am back. I am feeling much more relaxed. And I may even start journaling regularly. After all anything is possible.

I have had way to much sugar this past little bit but it was all good. I got Marta and cookie cutters for Xmas and Knitting Vintage Socks which made my Xmas rock! Add in light brite and this will be a hard one to top.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

All I want for Xmas

As promised here are some Xmas wishes...

Of course Knitting features prominently, with things like these Stitch Markers that make me drool or Luscious Yarn in lace weights from here. Knitting needles are always good, Bamboo double pointed needles sizes 00 - 4 and Aluminum circular needles sizes 2 - 5. Lets not forget the Knitting books, for those just check my amazon wish list. Really though I think the patterns are the real point of Knitting (or maybe it is the yarn) like these patterns.

I love the scooped necked version of the Ribbi Pulli and these animals are just too cute for words. And this scarf amuses me greatly (they have alot of other great patterns too).

And speaking of things to wear..

This T shirt is top of the list followed closely by this one. Both appeal to my mercenary nature. And to go under it all Kama Sutra Wild Clove Luxury Bathing Gel makes my shower lots more fun. :)

Seeing as I am not vain (well not very much) lets get back to more important things. Books and Cooking! Books are easy.. 'Tarzan' and anything by Terry Pratchett will entertain me for hours!

I have a slightly longer list of things for the kitchen, but sorry no links just ask at your favorite store or do a Google search. I need loose leaf tea to take full advantage of my wonderful Xmas gift from last yr. I prefer Chai but really any flavor is delightful. I have also been looking for an Ice Cream maker, one of those little ones that go in the freezer type deals. Two Items I have discovered recently and fell immediately in lust with are nutmeg mills (or grinders) and microplane graters for zesting things. Both of these have hit the top of my must have list. Finally Cookie cutters, I like em. A lot. Particularly the little ones and unusual ones. And I think the copper ones are beautiful.

These last items are perhaps the most important, Cause you know I am a Toys 'R' Us kid and I refuse to grow up! The general rule is anything in the toddler Aisle, I like moving parts bright colors and sound. Specifically I lust after Tinker Toys and Mister Potato Head just plain rocks (have you seen the pirate set?)

And if that isn't enough choices here are some of my lists from the web:
My Delicious Lust list
My Amazon wish list

PS I set the time of this post to Xmas day until then check below for updates.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

jingle bells

I had a entry all planned in my head but now of course I have forgotten it. So here is my brain in all its disorder....

I spent this weekend cooking. It was joyous and wonderful and I can still feel my teeth rotting. Esther came over and taught me to make fudge that is actualy fudgy (instead of runny or crumbly) and carmel that is nummy. We also experimented. some very low carb treats were the result and one very high carb cookie. I have to say Browned Buter Cookies rock! I was a little doubtful about the texture but the taste makes that inconsequentual. I don't think I am up to making as many cookies as I had planned though.

Frog got the flu so I had to make a run to the house for heaters cause he was freezing. Poor guy is miserable and there is nothing I can do to make him feel better. His leg is swelling and hurts something fierce. Lisa is talking about taking him to the hospital later cause she thinks he has a blood clot. I would have to agree. :( Poor man.

We moved the bunnies and bird this weekend too. they are now sitting in the living room by the computer. I like them there and apparently V'ree likes it too. She is all excited to be close to people and a part of things. The puppies are all excited to have extra floor to run on (and poop on). The cats however are less then thrilled with the loss of there puppy free area. I just like being able to get back to the Fridge (and seeing all that open floor).

And finally I am down to one pair of jeans. I am sad.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

keeping up with the Jones

So I adopted another Cat, Pretty Little Miss Wednsday. I didn't really do it on purpose but I couldn't let her starve on the front porch. I might have been able to let her starve on the neighbors, but not ours.

She is a pretty little black calico with a sweet face and personality. The other cats like her and she tolerates the puppies and me. So..... we got another cat.

In other news, Money and me aren't friends, that is the only explanation as to why it keeps leaving me in the lurch. I always manage to squeek through but since I am not a rodent this really needs to stop. Theoreticaly I should have plenty of money, or at least enough. But once again where theory meets reality there is a bit of a gap.

Enough of that though, its not new and so it is not news so on to ever better things..... Anyone know something new and interesting?

Playing It Forward

I signed up for "Paying it Forward" on Ari's blog.

It looks like it will be quite fun. I like making things for other people and I think in a yr I can manage to get something in the mail (since that is the hard part for me. And as an added bonus I noticed it didn't specify a Knit Item so I can be really creative if I want (not that I probably will but I have the option.)

The guidelines:

"I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog."

Want to participate? Be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post and make the same promise on your own blog.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Finding the perfect Gift

Gift giving is one of those challenges that we all face at least once in our lives. It is a balancing game between what you can afford and what you want to get with the added twist of guessing what the other person would like. So I have come up with this helpful little guide. :)

The great presents are not a matter of how much money you spend despite what some people think, it is about the thought. And yes I know it is trite to say 'its the thought that counts', especially as it is usually applied to disappointing gifts.

The greatest gifts fall into three categories. The first is gifts that show you pay attention to the person you are gifting. The best example I have is a little gift basket I got in college that contained among other things some 'refreshing' foot lotion because the giver had heard me talk about how tired my feet felt after walking all over campus. It showed that they listened to me and paid attention to what I said not just what I said I wanted or the obvious thing. These are some of the greatest gifts because they are hard to think of and you do have to pay an awful lot of attention to get it right.

The second category of gifts are the things that the receiver would never get for themselves. This one is tricky, occasionally they will tell you what these things are or give broad hints, usually however you have to pay attention to what they linger over in stores and online or see what they give others (we tend to give the sort of thing we would like to receive.) One of these gifts was a barbie (Portugal princess) While I would buy a barbie for myself (maybe) I would not have bought one of the theme ones (mainly cause it cost more money then the regular one, and I already had one barbie).

The third type of great gift is all about the time and effort the giver puts into it. It can be as simple as a card or a poem or as complicated as a hand knitted garment. It is something that comes from the giver personally, that they have given up their time for and put a bit of themselves into. And the very best gifts of this type show that you know the receiver and what you feel for them and that makes it even more special.

The one things all the greatest gifts have in common are the givers relationship with the receiver. The gifts show how important the receiver is to them, because they show that time was taken to select the right gift and that the receiver is important enough to the giver that they have noticed even the little things.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Xmas Spirits

I abhor egg nog. It is unbaked custard and that is just wrong. But every once in a while I come across something that makes me rethink that decision, at least momentarily. This article from NPR is one of them. But I think the best part of the article is this quote...

The FDA advises against ever eating raw eggs, but then the FDA asserts that everything on Earth should be heated to at least 160 degrees before eating — which would give plain old scrambled eggs the texture of shoe leather.

I must admit though Starbucks has a Chai Eggnog Latte that is stupendous.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So I had a long weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly. Not that I got any knitting done or half of the other things I wanted to do. But still it was good and I feel much better for it.

No knitting occurred for various reasons, the one I am going with is those darn puppies! Dragging yarn all over the floor and digging in my bag seems to be a alot of fun. So I spent some time making the puppies scared of the yarn (ie: every time they got to close to it I hit them.) Now normally I don't approve of violence directed towards poor defenceless puppies but in this case I will make an exception. My yarn WILL be safe from the pillaging horde!

I did not get the car registered but I did get my tickets paid and insurance changed and the Tax on the house is 500 less then expected so WOOO HOOO on that. I got turned down on financing from Dell which is not surprising but darn I wanted a green computer to play WOW on.

I created a COW with Indra in WOW and got to level 7 before I became unconscious. It was alot of fun. And I named him Huerdinan (I get bonus points for making Frog groan). This of course made me want my own computer even more. Wish I could convince Dell I can afford 50 dollars a month for a laptop.

I had a 7 hour call today. 7 Hours! but that means I am heading home early, which in turn means you will get shopping goodness tomorrow. :)

Luv Ya bubye

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good eats

The food fairy visited me this morning! She brought Gingerbread! mmmm Gingerbread! Does the food fairy know me or what?

I have a long weekend coming up and once again way to much to do. I really need to work on that whole getting a life thing. But with any luck I will be able to sort it all out before I get too much older. wish me luck.

Due to the season I have once again started thinking about what I want, not only for Xmas but also from life. It is hard, there are so many things I want but so little I need and most of everything seems beyond my grasp most of the time. Some day soon (after thanksgiving) I will post a list of links and things for gift giving ideas, mostly for myself. but for any one who is curious too. Today though I am going to keep it simple all I want for Xmas is love.

In other news Cranberries rock. Red and bouncy and full of good stuff that made the itchy burny bladder infection go away. So yes my weekend sucked but I felt pretty darn good by Monday. Which is very disappointing cause I wanted to do naughty things this weekend.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Dream a Little Dream

Last night I dreamed one of those strange dreams.... you know the ones where everything seams so real and yet surreal at the same time. I was on a trip / running away from something / going to college and I was transported into the past and transfigured into a statuesque black woman in a really short dress and really high heels.
Then I was working at a gas station with several other people a couple whom I knew from the future. The gas station was 3 stories tall and had no bathroom.
On the first floor it had a typical gas station setup (with rather suspicious looking 'baked' goods) and showers, don't ask me why there were showers. I don't know even in the dream I didn't know, I just accepted. The second floor had bedrooms, a kind of dormitory setup, but still no bathrooms and on the top floor was a Chapel and a conference area and a huge kitchen (where the suspicious looking 'baked' goods were made. But still no bathrooms.
The chapel and conference area was overtaken by knitters and crocheters who had baby blankets for charity spread all over the place. There a bunch of pagans having a circle in a closet on the second floor (for some reason this involved a man standing on one leg like a stork while calling quarters.) who seemed surprised that I wasn't horrified at finding them.

I still am not sure why there were no bathrooms.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The possum came back the very next day

So last night when I opened the door for the cats the possum was back. This time however I did not shriek like a little girl. nope not me. I instead went in side microwaved some water and gave the thing a bath. That'll teach it!

This weekend The puppies discovered my knitting bag, shortly there after I discovered my yarn all over the floor. Repeatedly. And to make it worse there is not potpourri all tangled up in it. Normally I am not some one to exspouse animal cruelty but in this case I will make an exception. Any puppy going after my yarn is going to get thumped. hard.

Work is stressing me out and my weekends are jam packed full. I really really need a break, I am hoping that Thanksgiving will give me a break. I really need / want to have more time to knit and just relax. What I really want is a super secret hideout, like the bat cave where I can relax and no one can find me except in emergencies. And all the bat gadgets are cool.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anouther day older and deeper in debt

Possums are evil, unnatural abominations that I should never have to see or interact with. And yet there one was sitting in the garbage Saturday morning, staring at me. I will admit that I shrieked and hurried back inside but that was no excuse for Frog to claim it was the most 'girly' thing he had ever seen me do. And there was definitely no reason for him to mention it at the party. So now my options are to either show him how girly I can be or beat the humor at my possumphobia out of him. Though maybe a combination of the two would be best... hmmmmm..... Have to ask Indra...

The party was great! I wore my tall shoes and had alot of fun, Unfortunately, I must remember Tired Temper and tall shoes don't mix. Shirley's father died so she wasn't there, we got a card for her but I have no idea what happened to it, I know I didn't sign it though. And Clay wanted to play with us but time management issues occurred. All in all it was a good evening.

Monday traffic was a bitch and about half way to work I realized I would be late. So I pulled over and called in sick, I just couldn't stand the thought of being late to work. I finished getting the car running, now it just needs insurance, inspection and registration. I went to a book store and browsed a little, it was nice but I was left thinking either I need more money or friends with the same taste in books. To finish the day off I leveled my dwarf in WOW to 20 and went dancing in the lava in Ironforge to celebrate. Not a bad day

Today I worked. Tomorrow I work. Sometime soon I need to be knitting, Xmas is getting closer all the time.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

All around the mulberry bush

Ok so I had stomach flu and was miserable and so no posts, and before that Halloween kept me busy and I didn't really post what I wanted to. but now I am going to play catch up.

Starting with... Lisa the marvelous Reiki master who made my neck work again. Woo Hoo Reiki! We were at a party the sat before halloween and my neck was swollen and sore and I was mucho miserable. Lisa came over and noticed my pain and offered to help. A half hour later I could move my neck and swallow and the pain was gone, the swelling went down and it was great. so once again I say All Hail the Master! and Woo Hoo Reiki!

I also got Yarn, 100% wool handspun for felting. I traded some very pretty silk / rayon blend for it. I did a happy yarn dance when it came in (after checking to make sure I didn't have an audience). It took me way to long to get the return package mailed out though, mainly cause I hate the post office but getting sick certainly didn't help. So I included some extras, she should get them today or tomorrow, I look forward to her reaction. Should I be embarrassed that a little undyed wool can make me so excited?

Had our first puppy class last week, Tank was a good boy and with liberal treating has got the look at me thing down solid and thinks the clicker is the bomb. And darn cute too! Unfortunately Bella didn't go, money is tight and I understand that even though I am not sure Indra really does. But it is all about priorities so I will give Frog and Lisa 100$ a paycheck and let them decide what to do with it.

And then there is the fun stuff.... just a sample mind, If you thought bacon is gods perfect food and chocolate a gift from the gods why not combine the two in this treat? A Bacon candy bar!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo Hoo

I feel betrayed, I guess that is the right word, I spent alot of time and effort to make my haunted house but once again the people who won are the ones with money to spend. So this is the last yr I try. I am sore tired and depressed so you will have to wait for more pictures and entries.


A little Halloween joy! See what happens when I get bored? There will be more later as I attempt to catch up.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Do you see what I saw?

Today on the way to work I saw this billboard. according to a website I found who knows where, I quote....

After city officials proposed a police-enforced law against baggy and sagging pants last year, Dallas has unveiled a new, less severe plan to curb the popular fashion. According to Fox 4 Dallas, City Hall is starting a new advertising campaign aimed at getting residents to pull their pants up under the guise of an organization called "Hip-Hop Government." The campaign will consist of three different "Pullem' Up" billboards that bear the slogans "Don't Be Lame, Elevate Your Game," "Represent Yourself Like You Present Yourself," and "That's Not Hip-Hop That's Flip Flop." The first two billboards are scheduled to go up at the intersections of Interstate 45 and Lamar St., and Interstate 35E and Illinois Ave.

And from the ever wonderous Frog....

[10:33] the_love_frog: i remember when young seeing underwear = wedgie time
[10:33] the_love_frog: wonder when that stopped

for some reason this struck me as particularly profound. So I shared :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

and the ants went marching on....

please excuse this post, it will be a bit random. Firstly cause I feel like crap, secondly cause it has been a bit since I posted last and lastly because I feel like crap and it is impeding my thought process.

Have I mentioned I feel like crap? cause I do, and I don't like it. and my dr is a putz and if I had the time and money (not to mention energy) I would so be out of there and talking to someone else. The lump on my neck is worse, it hurts to turn my head and the bump is bigger / spreading. So far all the tests have come back negative, so the Dr called me yesterday to put me on an antibiotic. When I asked how soon it would start to work he told me if i had cat scratch fever it would be 4 to 5 weeks before I was better and if I had started taking the antibiotics last week like he wants me to I would be feeling better sooner. I opted for testing to know exactly what was wrong rather then the little of this little of that til something works approach and apparently this offended him. Jerk! And to top it off, even though the antibiotic doesn't say take with food, I threw up on the way to work this morning. :( most unhappy making.

On the puppy front Pugs are definitly indoor dogs. They over heat during the summer and as soon as it gets the least bit cold they are shaking themselves to pieces. potty training is going well, the don't eat strange things off the ground training is not going so well (lots of tummy trouble). Thank GOD! they have started sleeping through the night (or maybe that should be thank Indra). A week of getting woken at 5:30 am about killed me.

the Lisa sweater is coming along great. I got lots of pieces (at least it looks that way to me) and now I need to sew some together to see if I really need to make as many pieces as I am afraid I need to. My local LYS owner was an absolute wonder and traded me kitten advice and meds for yarn. I think I won out on that round. Thanks to Indra I have lots of pictures for Ravelry and I am even swapping some yarn already. I still need more yarn pictures but at least I have pictures of all my projects.

See project picture.....

though all the curliness makes me think I want a clothes steamer for xmas or my birthday. I'll have to see how the yarn lady does it before I make up my mind.

Friday, October 19, 2007


So last night I finally got some pictures up on Ravelry, which means you get knitting pictures!

Ain't they pretty?

I went to the Dr. on Wednesday, he said the lump on my neck is not a abscess but rather my lymph node. He thinks that the small bump at the base of my skull is the source of the 'infection' he thinks is the cause of my lymph node being a pain in the neck. So Monday I am having a needle biopsy done to see what exactly is going on. blech

I actually have this weekend off, well off from work. Which means I get to sleep in (not really the puppy needs to pee at 6:30) and relax and not do all the things on my list. Like laundry. I might also not be doing cleaning but we will have to see.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

when it rains

Behold the power of Puppy!

His name is Tank and he is absolutely adorable. I had forgotten how much energy babies have, He runs like crazy for a half hour and then takes an hours nap before getting up and running like crazy again. Oh the joys of being young.

last night on the way home I accidently ran over a curb and killed the car. It now only has drive, it 'drives' in reverse, it 'drives' in neutral and it 'drives' in park. :( very unhappy making for me who had plans to be back in our own place for Xmas and solvent. Looks like we will be staying longer then planned unless I suddenly get a brilliant idea to make everything better.

This morning I finnaly got some pictures taken of my knitting, just some but it is a start. I got plans, evil plans to get thos pictures up this week, I am tired of seeing the picture not available icon. Heck I might even post a couple of the pictures here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ok, in order, Indra finally noticed the lump on my neck, its been there about 3 weeks. When I see the Dr wed he will take a look at it, no clue what he will decide, but I probably won't like it.

I started my period and got the stupidest It guy ever at the same times, and let me tell you cramps and idiots do not mix. I have been reduced to banging my head in frustration. 3 hours, 3 hours and he still doesn't have a clue, and you know what really burns my butt? he gets paid more than I do!!!

Right now when, and yes it is a when, we get the pug puppy his name will be either Lucky or Barnabas. Contrary person that I am, I am voting for Barnabas (or Pickles).

I did get my car insurance taken care of. finally, and hopefully in time so i don't lose my licence. and I believe i can get the cats into the vet next week, along with me to the Dr and Indra some meds, after that. Nothing, I will be broke again, poor as a church mouse but with out all the charity.

I still have no pictures but that will be fixed soon, either Indra will do it this week or Sunday I will do it. And if i do it Sunday Indra will have to take care of herself and not be on the computer while I am home. Cause these things take time you know. (notice the subtle manipulation, threats and guilt trips)

And Lastly, the sweater for Lisa is coming along beautifully. I mean really beautifully. And hopefully there will be pictures soon to substantiate this claim.

Monday, October 08, 2007


I Got a computer!!! And a Filing Cabnit!!! granted the computer is a G4 and it has been a while since I have used a mac, but it will get me on the internet and eventualy I can play WOW. So all I need from my knitting list is the dress-makers dummy (cause you know not just any dummy will work) then lots and lots of yarn. mmmm yarn.

and maybe if you are lucky I will post again later today (or this week, I am still working on the posting more often thing)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

another day, another dollar

I think I have Ravelry envy. I have been browsing Ravelry and everybody else's knit items look so clean and pretty. I hope when I get photo's of mine up they look half as good. Speaking of that, me and the camera have a date this weekend, I will get pictures to show everyone.

Indra has said that since she is the one who reads my journal and she doesn't knit that all this mention of Ravelry without an explanation has confused her. And yes she did figure out it was a knitting site, thank you very much. So I showed her, I don't think she really understands how exciting this is for me but at least she understood enough to know I need more pictures. :)

So for Indra here is some non-Knitting news. It is expensive being poor. Late fee's, overdrafts, and just plain living take alot of money, which if you were following the conversation I don't have alot of. I did another 'budget' for lack of a better term. It confirms what I already knew. We are broke. I am thinking the best Xmas gift this yr is money, and lots of it.

So Indra and I are going to have to live frugally. Easier for me then her unfortunately. And I don't want to even contemplate how badly I can screw up. I am bad at this kind of thing and I can't afford to be. It scares me.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Knitters at Large

Here is my first post to my group 'Knitters at Large'...
Welcome to the group. My name is Temperance. I started this group for ideas and help. I have a couple sweaters I have been wanting to start but the short row shaping required to fit me right (and the lack of pictures of real people wearing the designs) has been putting me off. Well that and being in Texas, 8 months out of the yr. the word sweater makes me sweat.

Lately (starting with the Big Girl Knits book) I have thought that maybe I could make a sweater I would actually knit and that would look good on me.

So what are you knitting? What do you want to knit?

and my second post (kinda)...
Thanks, I had seen those groups and joined the Bust line group (might join the fluffy group too). I wanted a group that focused on style and patterns, not techniques, socializing or a book (which while good doesn't have nearly enough in it). Maybe I need to rewrite the discription to better express that.

Lots of patterns can be knit to a larger size unfortunately alot of them leave you looking like a sauage or if they are loose you have no shape at all. I wanted a place where people could post about patterns they found that looked good on them and if they took an existing pattern but altered it what they did to make it fit and flatter them. Such as the Askew that Earthwhisper did with the additional bust shaping, I would never have thought would look that good on someone with curves.

Raveled and frazzled

My Ravelry invite came on Friday; while I was home sick with some virus. That meant it was Monday before I had a chance to go online and explore and since work was busy I didn't even get to do much of that. At this rate Saturday will be the earliest I will have a chance to really do anything besides look at the pictures (they are very nice pictures however). And I never did get around to getting pictures taken to load up.

I am really thinking that what I want is my own computer. that way I am not trying to crowd everything I want to do into the little time I have while Indra is else where.

Ok I got distracted by work before I could post this so I am going to add a little more and then post it...

I spent the last two days exploring Ravelry. I have added items to my queue, selected some favorites, uploaded a picture for my profile, and started a group. I am particularly proud of the last two.

I really really want to start post more journal entries, and I want to get profiecient with pictures and links so I can make my journal more exciting. Part of my problem with that is since I only post at work finding the time to find said links and images and then put them in a post. I do my actual journaling in editpad so I don't have to worry about time outs and unexpected crashes but I can't do that with pictures. one more reason to get my own computer.

I also want to knit more I really need to find the time and space for it. it kind of goes with the posting more, I just don't have the time energy or attention span. :( I am hoping that modern pharmacuticals can help. maybe steal some of Indra's ritalain

Monday, September 24, 2007

Anticipation blues

You signed up on July 18, 2007
You are #18537 on the list.
1540 people are ahead of you in line.
16696 people are behind you in line.
48% of the list has been invited so far
So sometime this week I will get my officail invite! I am so excited! It is like Christmas and spring brerak all rolled into one. To much to do, not enough time and lots of anticipation.

Still no Dell. :( not sure what to do.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Life and times of Temper

I just figured out links and pictures all in one fell swoop thanks to the Sexy Knitting blog. That means I can put pictures in my posts. wheeeeee!

I got lots of pictures and as a bonus I found a whole bunch of old journal entries I am not going to inflict on you. so all in all this was a good morning.

ok, I wrote this tuesday, but got distracted trying to decide what pictures and links I would use to show off my new skills. wed I had a dr appointment and thank god it did go better (he thinks I have an infected spit gland) and to top it off we have been busy. so here it is on friday and I am finally posting my pitiful entry.

So to close the week out friday sucks. Indra woke me up at 5:30 cause she had let Dell outside and forgotten to get him back and couldn't find him. I couldn't find him either, called animal control walked and drove around and finally went to work. life can suck sometimes.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


So here I am right back where I started from.

Talked to the dr on friday and he asks me if the sleep study guy told me the results of the test and set me up with a mask. seemed to think that they should have taken care of everything. stupid man. and to add insult to injury he finished up with sleeping better should improve my energy levels like that would fix me all up. Stupid man. Seemed suprised when I told him I was sure sleeping better would indeed help my energy levels but it wasn't going to do anything for the lump under my jaw or my sore throat and ear.

Shortly after my last post my world went pear shaped. money became so tight that even the monopoly money started to squeel for mercy. I did a quick figure and discovered that things were going to get turned off and weather we had a place to live or not was in question. Indra came up with a good idea and thanks to Frog and Lisa we are saved! and I feel incredibly guitly because we have basicaly made our problems theirs and its not like they didn't have problems of their own.

We have moved in with Frog and Lisa and they are supporting us. :( I am very glad to have friends like that but very sad that we are something something something (sorry don't know how to express it). Fortunately it is short term. Three months in fact. though what I would do if it wsn't enough time or I decided I couldn't support us I don't know. I do think Indra is going to have to learn to live with less and economize, I can't afford to give her everything and that upsets me (of course everything upsets me now since I am on my period)

Now that things have settled a bit hopefully I will be blogging more cause I do enjoy it. :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

An apple a day (if only)

I was going to tell you all about our new bunny. but I just got done talking with the specialist and need to vent.

He patronized me! If I didn't feel so miserable I would find a different Dr. He didn't listen, and then he insinuated that I didn't know what was going on. And you know what really pisses me off about the whole thing? He didn't tell me anything I didn't already know because he didn't ask questions about what I knew already. AAARGGG, stupid man!!!

Told me I didn't have a sinus infection (knew that), told me I have a slightly deviated septum (knew that) enlarged turbines (knew that) and narrowed sinus ducts (knew that) which means I get sinus infections easy (knew that too) and that sinus drainage and infections cause sore throats (what do you know, I knew that too) And to cap it off he is going to wait til after the sleep study to do / tell me anything else. and you know what, it is going to tell me I have sleep apnea and need a machine before I croak in my sleep, and you know what? I knew that too.

Meanwhile my throat is raw and my ear hurts and I am a grumpy grumpy Temper. And no house work is getting done and Indra is getting no love cause I feel like crap. Crappy Dr! I think I am going to sick Indra on him, I bet Frog and Lisa would help too, cause he makes me wanna cry. I just wanna feel better, whats so wrong about that?

Friday, August 24, 2007

I've been quoted!

I just got a link in someone else's blog. so I thought that warranted a new post. well truthfully I was planning to journal anyway but extra incentive is good. And since it is only polite to link back I really need to get that script from my love Indra again.

Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits wrote in her blog about the joys of rare breed wool. which made me ask what is it (besides the obvious) and why is it better then regular wool. Today when I read her answer I felt stupid, I already knew most of it just had never really thought about it. She also recommended a good book 'In Sheep's Clothing' I am thinking I should get this next instead of another pattern book. I wonder if they have something similar for non wool fibers.

Indra doesn't know it yet but I am rearranging furniture this weekend. with the sister gone I have my craft room back and I am moving the love seat in there and our big dresser which Indra claims is ugly and doesn't use. So now I will fill it with yarn and be happy cause I think it is pretty. It should be fun listening to her throw a fit about it.

I am making a German chocolate cake this weekend and I think I am going to make cabbage rolls. we will see though. I am tired and already have to much to do. I don't think Indra really understands how much time everything she wants me to do really takes.

Monday, August 20, 2007

An apple a day

Indra is a tattle tale. she told the Dr I snored and don't breathe right when I sleep and now I have to do a sleep study before they will remove things. Not that I think he is going to remove things anyway. stupid Dr. I go in and tell him I am miserable and my throat hurts and he looks in my ear and up my nose and down my throat before telling my to get a CT of my sinuses. I mean I know I have sinus problems but tonsils and lymph node and swelling and feeling miserable (with no fever) Next thing you know he will want to do an allergy test and I will still feel miserable. Stupid Dr.

And unfortunately being sick and hurting make me stupid too. All the more reason for the Dr to make it all better, isn't that their job after all? And some guy that I think I signed up for online called Me about 4 times last week before I had time to talk to him and asked me questions I said yes to and gave him info and think I am getting some sort of credit card deal thing. All I know is I have a confirmation number and should be getting something int eh mail soon. Then it is up to Indra to figure it out cause my brain apparently stopped working about a week ago. The last time I felt like this I had hepatitis A and got a gas card when I didn't even have a car. No Idea how or why that happened but they wanted me to pay fees on it later.

On the whole I am sick and stupid line I am afraid I talked myself into organizing a fiber festival. And not a little one either. Not sure how I really feel about it to be honest. So I am going to wait til I feel human to decide. I just hope I don't agree to anything else before I feel better. I think Indra would hurt me if I did.

PS: still didn't win the lotto, oh well another week, another dollar and an even bigger pot.

Friday, August 17, 2007

yarn thoughts

I have been thinking alot recently. Which I will admit is a bit of a stretch at times, not that I don't think but in general it is rather random and not that focused. But recently I have been fairly focused even if it is rather scattered. Not that this was what my point was and yes I did have one. I have been thinking about Knitting and what I need slash want to make a go of it.

I need a filing cabinet. Not only to store patterns and other papers safe from the cats but also for yarn storage. I need a design journal something I can put sketches and pictures in. I need knitting magazines so I can figure out who to market what to and how. I need a mannequin to fit things on. I need a good color printer to print inspirational pictures from the web on and eventually my own patterns.

And I need yarn. Lots of yarn spreading out so far and wide, lala la. pink yarn blue yarn yarn with flecks of green. Wool yarn, silk yarn and yarn of Buffalo fleece. mmmmmm yarn!

Soooooo. now that I am over that I think I am going to go try and sleep it off. what ever it is.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guess What!

I can fit a kitten under my boobies. what can I say I was bored, tired and sick this morning. All sorts of things happen with that combonation.

Not as suprisingly I did not win the Lotto. But I am going to try again, after all this was a small one and so maybe my luck is waiting for a really big pot. After all, I have lots of people and commitments to spread the money around on. Though I did decide last night that one of the first things I would do is have a big party for everyone I know.

I think I have finally resigned myself to having surgery soon. Mainly I think because I have been feeling so miserable. Also cause it will give me a good excuse to sleep for a week, and boy does that sound good. Don't know what I am going to do for money though, going to call my family this weekend and see what they can contribute.

I have to admit in a general kind of way everything is starting to look up. George is gone, Jessie had a job interview for a good job, Frog had a job interview for a great job, I did well on my yearly review, I am finaly addressing some of the health issues I have been putting off for the last however many years and the kittens are finaly done with the ringworm. All I need is more money and I will be set.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

luck of the draw

YOUR DEAREST WISH WILL COME TRUE. Or so my fortune cookie claims. And fortune cookies don't lie right? And since I have my Indra it must mean that at long last financial security will be mine. And since I do no have any rich relatives that could die and leave me a bunch of money I bought a lottery ticket. And since I am not relying solely on the fortune cookie I am reviving my praying skills.

The problem is who to pray to since I am no longer Xtian and usually try to avoid the notice of any higher powers. In fact the only higher powers I can see taking an interest in me and my life are the Imp of Perversity and other random trickster types. I certainly feel like the butt of some cosmic joke at times. Someone had better be enjoying all the crap I go thru because otherwise I just don't see the point. And would hate to think my life was pointless.

On the other hand cosmic trickster types might be just the type to let me win the lottery but I am not sure I would like the punchline to that particular joke. Knowing my luck I would win the lottery and it would be barely enough to pay off my bills and I would be left with just enough to buy a 99 cent burger. And you know while that would be just my luck it would be a significant improvement over my current circumstances.

hmmmmmmm, While I can't be a worshiper of chaos and trickery (just not my personality) I make a pretty good victim. You think that is good enough to get my prayers answered? Or do I need to keep searching for a Deity to champion me. Cause I have been doing the whole relying on myself thing and that is not turning out nearly as well as I would like. And isn't part of the self reliance thing knowing when to ask for help? I just wish it came with instructions on who to ask for help.

So here goes, Anyone, help, please?! I promise to be true to myself (and not bother you to much for repeat performances) and if you leave a forwarding address I'll do what ever is appropriate. Fatted calf anyone?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Knit natter

ok, So I didn't blog yesterday, or the day before or much last week. But that doesn't mean I am stopping I was just feeling miserable. but after sleeping all day monday I am feeling much better. Honest.

Sunday I went to my first knitting group, It was great I sat and talked and knitted for a couple hours and had a great time. And since this group will be meeting on sundays and is only two blocks from the house I can go pretty much everytime. Woo Hoo I have been waiting for this forever.

And you know the best part of sitting and knitting with other people? I actualy got something accomplished. The sweater coat is almost done. I need to weave the ends in and add the buttons and then it will be done! So I must get pictures up soon so you can see the mess it is now opposed to the finished product. Which will be beautiful (fingers crossed).

Ok I was going to journal more but I ran errands at lunch and got to hot and my brain is still working at half capacity. So I leave you with this final thought...

"Luck is my middle name," said Rincewind, indistinctly. "Mind you, my first name is Bad."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Randomness, archive 2/8 and 2/10 2007

Just a thought, whole foods, not really all that whole.

Goes with the guy in India who has been eating nothing but grass for the last several years and the guy who has been living on a liquid diet for over 10 years, or the cult leader who existed on sunshine (and only ate the big macs and chocolate cake cause she enjoyed the taste).

And if you are on the grapefruit diet besides loosing weight what happens to you, and is it cheating if you put sugar on it? And what is up with the women's magazines with the headline loose ten pounds in two weeks and a big picture of a decadent chocolate cake on the cover?


a Google image search has convinced me that opera length gloves are sexy. and apparently look best when worn with very little else. Of course that could just be my inner pervert speaking.

we Have a whiner!

Ok, I HATE the dentist now. this is going on the third day my tummy is in turmoil. And I DO NOT like it! Even hot chocolate is just helping a little. I am a sad Temper.

And really, you know, a crappy feeling nauseated Temper is not the best one to be having important emotional discussions with but that is what I attempted last night. Maybe if I felt better I would be more upset by it. As it is I have put it on simmer and am willing everything to go away.

And I firmly believe the lottery will solve everything.

Really! just think about it. Housework? hire a maid. Car problems? get a new one. Mortage payments? Buy the house. Depressing interiors? Redecorate! Stress? take a vacation. Most Importantly, FEEL LIKE CRAP? Stay home and be pampered! See how everything is easier after you win the lottery?

My numbers? 11 23 28 34 42 and 7. Will they win? Maybe. Just have to wait and see won't we. ;)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

imagine this

The dentist visit yesterday was tiring but not to painful. mainly because they didn't do much. apparently though I am getting old and the drugs they pumped into me made me nauseous all day yesterday and today. There fore I am not a happy camper and am really not looking forward to my next foray into dental medicine. (though they did promise me muscle relaxers to go with my pain pills next time)

One of the highlights of Tuesday was the news that the yarn shop down the road from me will have a knitting group on Sunday I can go to! I am soooo excited. I also got confirmation that my knitted jacket hood was looking good and two books on how to dye. It really made my day special and pretty. I really need more of that in my life I have decided.

To that end, I realized as I was browsing today, I need pictures. Pretty pictures of pretty yarn and my projects in all their staged of incompletion. Cause really while I enjoy blathering on about random thoughts and complaints I really want a place I can talk about my knitting like other people. That may not be me though, we will have to see.

We received out pictures back from Medieval times and I really really need to scan them in and correct them with photoshop because I take truly lousy photos. downright scary they are. And you know I find that I would like some good pictures of me and more importantly Me and Indra. I have always wished we were the type of people who took pictures of everything so I would have images of the past to look back on when I am feeling particularly morose (or ridiculous).

And I need to Play the lotto. My plans are growing and I have no money. And more then anything I want a break. That is my biggest plan, a vacation.

Monday, July 30, 2007

How I spent my weekend

I am tired and sore this morning. I ache all over and want a hot bath and cool sheets. Maybe some hot chocolate, too, cause hot chocolate is always good. I had a looong weekend.

Friday night I helped Esther move and didn't get home til 2am, then I turned around and was up by 9:30. Saturday we had a company event (which we were late to, sorry) and then I went to help Esther move some more (second floor both locations) and put together a bookshelf. Then it was off to a social gathering. We had a ton of fun but didn't get home until 6 am.

And then Sunday started. At 9:30, but I went back to sleep until 11:30. Which let me tell you is not enough sleep. Not even close. And why would I do this to myself? Because I had a meeting at 2. Which now that I think about it really isn't that great a reason. After the meeting, you guessed it, I helped Esther move some more. I finally got home about 9.

And that would have been good, but I was hot and tired and achy and wanted nothing more then to lay down and just stop. Unfortunately life simply doesn't stop like that. I had some laundry to do, some litter to change, supper to take care of and, Darn it, I needed a shower. It was one am before I finally became unconscious.

Which brings me to this morning which came way to early. Overall I would have to say I had a good weekend and would do it all over again given the chance.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Knitting natter

Ok knitting post. Why? Do I really need a reason? Ok well cause I really really wanna knit something and since I have been told no knitting at work I have started to go into withdrawal. I spent the first week or so looking for patterns and checking out websites, last week I went trolling for blogs, and this week I have been reading the blogs and feeling deprived cause they have pretty yarn and time to knit and I don't.

I did however find these cool site, Ravelry and the Sexy Knitters Club. The problem is that I am on the waiting list for the first, I am too late and not interested in the current patterns for the second. I loved a couple of the sexy knitters patterns from the past, but that brings me right back to no time or yarn.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good idea

Carmel custard pear tart, good idea. Spaghetti squash with butter, nutmeg and a touch of cinnamon, good idea. Calling Indra's mother for help, good idea. Never thought I would say that last. but at least this once she pulled thru and last night I picked up the money I needed to make the bills. See I told you it would all work out.

Now I need the kitten fairy to come and find homes for all our kittens. I need to bleach them again tonight (their highlights are fading). Rhonda wants an inventory so she knows who we have and their adoptability. Unfortunately she also wants to know which litters they are from, and quite honestly at this point I am clueless. So I am going for the tried and true method of making it up as I go.

The bad news is I am looking into having the Internet and TV turned off at home to save money. this will lead to a very distressed Indra, good lord she might actually have to do something! On the other hand it should certainly light a fire under our house guests. And this is good cause they need a fire lit under them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad idea,

Malted lime sherbet, bad idea, capers in avocado citrus salad, bad idea, me trying to support 4 people and keep them happy on a balanced budget, bad idea: How do I know? I have done them all with disastrous results. The real problem is that while I have avoided repeating the first two mistakes I keep trying variations on the third, and it is never pretty.

Currently I have a rent check about to bounce and a utility payment that is going the same way. I need about 500 dollars to make it through the next two weeks and could even begin to pay it back until I either increase my income or decrease my spending. I would do anything for family, unfortunately that appears to include going broke. :( I am most unhappy, most unhappy. I am thinking it would be nice if family would do even a bit of the same for me.

But it will work out. Some how. And next post I will tell you about the wonderful person who rescued me, or how I was able to get a loan, or some rich relative who left me some money , or Something. Cause I always manage to get it to work, somehow. Somehow.

Good news I went to the cardiologist and they said I am fine. Which I kind of expected but is still nice to hear. Low B12 is apparently to blame for how draggy I have been feeling. And I am not diabetic or going to die anytime soon. Woot!

I am jonesing for a knit fix though and am not sure when if ever I am going to get the time. To much housework and to many other places I have to be.

This weekend we are going to Medieval Times for a company get together then to a friends for a get together, that admittedly does include a hot tub. Sunday it is a meeting about our foster kittens and a baby shower (scheduled at the same time of course). and then there is the house work, I have laundry that is clean but needs folded, I have kittens to bleach and litter boxes to clean, And honestly I think I am going to count myself lucky if I get all that done.

Some day when I am old and grey I am going to figure out how people manage to have a job, a clean house and a life, cause most days 1.5 of those is taxing me to my limits. Hopefully I will have figured out this budget saving thing long before that though.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I am going to be a little scattered, it is 12:36 am and my brain has still not finished booting.
Tahiti cookies by Pepridge farms are the best store bought cookies I have ever had, heck they are better then many homemade ones I have had too. Coconut and chocolate, crisp and buttery with no funky after taste. mmm mmm good.

I had the money talk with the roommates last night. it went well? now I just have to wait and see what happens, hopefully it will be either be money or moving, cause anything else is really going to stress me out. not that either of those options won't stress me too. but something has to give and I don't want it to be my mind or pocket book.

I spent all weekend helping a friend move. Cause that's what friends do right? Apparently not since I am the only one that showed up. Makes me want to crawl in my cave and bite anyone that annoys me.

The kittens all got their bleach bath last night. The problem is they are now big enough to fight back and opposable thumbs don't beat kitty kat claws in that situation. On the other hand a wet cat is the epitome of uncomfortable in their own skin. They just look so disgusted with their body. It is funny. Well I found it funny.

I have to go get the car inspected on my lunch, I really have put it off way to long, just ask Indra, and I need to talk to the Dr about the results of my annual exam, and I need to get enough brain cells together to write to the spice people about my order they got wrong since they do not answer their phone or return calls. I think that is everything I have to do before the end of work, but I could be wrong.

I figured out the hood on the jacket I am knitting, now I just need to find the time to finish it. And I have to get those patterns written and finish the slippers and knit something for Nicole's baby. I need yarn and time. Badly.

I also need Indra to write me an html cheat sheet so I can put links in here and do other cool things. She has already agreed to take care of my pictures for me so I can actually put pictures of my knitting stuff up. She is so wonderful and tolerant of me. I really don't deserve her.

Indra read the newest Harry Potter book Saturday and I read several select pages of the last couple chapters at the grocery store to see how V died and if Snape was a good guy. I got hit for it when I went home because apparently that ruins the whole experience and how could I do that. I told her it was simple I asked her and she yelled at me so I had to find out on my own. So There!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Evil Git

My co worker is an evil Git, He is a technophile with money. And he wants to get rid of his old super duper laptop so he can get a new one. And so he is selling it for the same price I would pay for a OK for Temper computer and offering to break it into 3 payments. And it is so super duper that even if I had the extra money I wouldn't buy all the extras he has.

I want it! I want it for me! I am willing to share but :( I don't wanna.

And the evil git offers this when I have no money, when I have less then no money. We could afford 50 to 100 a month but I am supporting 2 extra people and trying to save for a property tax and I can't make any payments bigger then that. Heck I can barely make that. And even if I knew some place that would make a loan of 1,000 they wouldn't loan to me because my credit sucks!

I would sell something on eBay but all I got extra of is kittens and they have ringworm.
I would ask a friend but I got poor friends.
I would start a get Temper a computer fund (more posts guaranteed) but see above.
Heck If I knew even one person that I thought had the free cash and I could work a deal with I would so be there. I got skills, I cook, I knit, I got big boobs.

And you know what the worst is? Until the Evil Git made the offer I was OK with not having a computer and eventually getting something put together from old parts and baling twine.

Evil Git

If I won the lottery...

Indra and I play this game that goes like this... If I won the lotto I would..... Now I enjoy this game and have been playing it since I was 6 or so. And to be honest some things are still the same. I would still pay all my bills so I could be debt free for once in my life, I would still go on a shopping spree and get clothes that fit me, looked good on me, and that I would actually wear (even if no one else would).

But while I would still get a home what I want in a home has changed. I use to want a large home with all the rooms you here about but never use, you know a dining room, parlor, living room, family room, office, library, kitchen, pantry, porch, solarium, master bedroom, utility room, mud room, master bath, guest bath, guest rooms, children's rooms, art studio, animal room, well you get the picture. Now what I want has changed.

I don't want the huge house anymore, I wouldn't know what to do with it. I want the rooms I do have to be large rooms with lots of storage and shelves, I like high ceilings and bright colors. and I like the rooms to be versatile. I like wood floors and big windows. I want to be able to look out the windows and see green growing things.

But even more important to me is the neighbors. I call it my commune but what I really mean is a good old fashioned village. I want people around me that I know and like. I want to have a big yard that does not need an 8 foot privacy fence around it. I want a nice park just down the street and a community garden. I want a community center that is like a big home with a huge kitchen and a living room big enough to host a Superbowl game. I want some guest rooms for people that visit the community, I want a dining room for community meals / celebrations, or just a fancy dinner party or two. I want a big community pool. I want lots of old big trees and wooded areas out back. And if I won the lottery that is what I would do.

Expect more If I won the lottery posts

Happy Happy joy joy

I was reading over my past couple days posts and I have realized I am an angsty, depressing person. And you know what I don't like that. Not sure I can change it but I certainly want to try.

I am thinking the fist step is pictures. Happy kitten pictures are always good and lord knows we have plenty of happy kittens at our house. Plus it gives me an excuse to play with the camera and kick Indra off the computer. Double bonus!

I also need to knit so I have knitting stuff to talk about and post cause the worst things about knitting are not getting the yarn you want, not having enough yarn, and having to frog. And since I like frogging (and Frog) that leaves me with stash issues and even yarn I don't have makes me happy cause well it is yarn! So knitting is an upbeat subject even when it isn't.

And lastly I need to talk about what I am doing and what is happening rather than what I am feeling. Cause major depression here! feelings are not usually a happy subject. On the other hand hanging with friends, playing with kittens, doing the hokey pokey, all happy fun things.

Aparently the happy me speaks valley girl, go figure.

Harry Hobbit

Ok, just so you know I got three posts in the works today, might be more but should be at least 3. :)

So to start Harry Potter. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, you know the more I say it the clearer the picture of a little clay covered hobbit, who is for some reason waving a stick. But that's beside the point, and yes I do have a point.

I simply do not get the hype, I do not understand all the tension and anticipation. The books are entertaining, enjoyable, and I will even go as far as to say enthralling. They are not however well written literary masterpieces. I do not see the point of all the hoopla. I definitely don't see the need for all the excitement.

Indra has under taken the task of reading the last 6 books before the next one comes in the mail. Last night when I got home I watched a little TV while I contemplated actually doing some house work. About an hour later Indra yells at me that she had only read 20 pages in the last hour and that she had read 100. Apparently this was my fault, and a great tragedy. I solved this by going to sleep, Indra didn't and at 7:30 am she woke me up crawling in bed.

I swear I am going to start making her sleep on the couch when she stays up late cause it makes her grumpy and then she doesn't let me sleep. Darn her. Separate bedrooms look better all the time, if only she wasn't so damn sexy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

food for thought

I feel much better, apparently the key was not chocolate but Salisbury steak, meat mushrooms and lovely beefy gravy. A little fruit to top it off and I am a happy camper. I used a little bacon in the pan I browned the meat in and then used a little more to sauté the portabella mushrooms with a little wurshershyster sauce and it was very very yummy.

Speaking of food, I did a pork loin with plum glaze and rosemary and garlic and thyme that was truly lovely. The sides still need work, I did couscous with fruit and wine and it was just to heavy because of the sauce. the fruit goes well with the pork but it is a little too dry so maybe next time I will think of something else.

I enjoy cooking, really enjoy it. and good food really does make me feel good. especially when I am the one who made it. And I love a good challenge, it is one of the reasons I like knitting.

Next I think I am going to work on some vegetable dishes that do not rely on fat for flavor.


I feel like crap again today. My stomach seams determined to tie itself in knots. even chocolate is not making things better. No Idea why, I wasn't particularly stressed until I started feeling like this, and as far as I know work is fine, Heck I even managed to iron out some of the never ending financial blech. Still my tummy is not happy and, therefore, neither am I.

You know honestly I think the worst thing about feeling this way is I want things. Well things besides going home and curling up in bed with my Indraz. I want pretty things to distract me. I want yarn to fondle and pet in cheerful colors and luxurious decadence. I want Patterns to drool over and plan exactly what I will alter and what yarn I will use. I want books I can browse through for gorgeous images. I want something to anticipate and get excited over. Something pretty to cuddle to me and hoard. Something that I can use to ward off all this blech and blah.

Since money is limited I am trying to content myself with browsing the web and adding things to my favorites and lust lists. I have been printing patterns and envying others for their stashes. I really need to get a life though. One where it is me creating things, not just admiring other peoples creativity..... and stuff.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The worst day ever!

One last post for the day. cause this is what started it all. Yesterday sucked! I mean really really sucked!

I woke up at 7:30 even though I had gone to bed about 2am. For me this is not good. Honestly any day that starts at 7:30 is on shaky ground.

After I had dithered around for an hour trying to pry my eyelids open I wondered into the bedroom and Indra woke up in an even worse mood then me. She yelled about the dog, the kittens, the pounding and the bird. She cried and panicked about not getting donuts. I stuffed some pills down her, put her back to bed and herded the animals out of the room.

At this point I am awake. Not happy but definitely conscious and functioning. So I turn to email. No money for the vet Rhonda says, check on Bindi reveals a vet visit in her future. So I call around, and then I call Rhonda, Vet visit approved and off I go.

Me and the kitten head to Petsmart, she is curled up under my chin cause she feels miserable. I am not much better and I realize half way there that while I managed to get a bra on I am wearing shorts and everyone is going to be subjected to my very white hairy legs. And I have not had breakfast. I am also trying to call the spice place about my messed up order and for the life of me can't remember my phone number, after three tries I finally get a message left. and I arrive at the vets.

They get me in quick enough and start adding things up and boy is it adding up. And then they throw in the Kicker. No matter what they do Bindi will have on going issues requiring constant medication and mucho dinero spent on medical care (including at least one surgery). This is bad. correction, this is VERY bad. Bindi is a foster kitten and she is now unadoptable, and very expensive, and not really fixable even if I had the money which I don't. I call Rhonda, she agrees, I double check with dr, He agrees. In the end I agree too. It was very very bad, and I cried, alot.

The poor receptionist didn't know what happened and when I went to wait for Rhonda to come pay he was all cheerful and perky. then he saw the bill, it was very awkward for him though I was to upset to really be more upset.

So now there are 5 graves in the back yard that I try not to think about too much.

And to cap it of I spent 5 hours at the Dentist numbed to my eyeballs while I got my teeth cleaned two cavities drilled and a root canal. They put a jaw block in my mouth to keep it open and afterwards (and during) my jaws ached so bad.

I really wish there was a way to make yesterday never happen.

Job satisfaction

Some people are thicker then posts I swear. If you are calling me for help then, for heavens sake, LISTEN TO ME! It is really not that hard to do. honest. trust me. I know what I am doing.


Cause I needed a picture to break up the text?

weather, archive 6/1/07

This morning was surreal. I came into work at 10 and it looked like 6 in the morning, all dark and light at the same time. Then of course the heavens opened up and it poured, rain with a little hail and a heck of alot of wind. I could barely see the road. I got to work and found that the weather had been bad enought that they had herded everyone to the center of the building.

Blah attack

I want to start journaling again. The problem is not motivation or even writers block but rather the overwhelming Blah that is devouring my life. It is sucking all my energy and eating my brain. I write endless entries in my head and occasionally will even start to actually write the entry down before the Blahs attack and I get no where. Heck I even have some old entries I have managed to scavenge from one place or another that I just have not managed to get posted.

But I need to and I want to. But the Blahs are slowly strangling me and taking over my life bit by bit. I am going to fight this though, and I warn you I am not going to fight fair. I am going to start by posting anything I can sneak by the blahs regardless of length, readability or cronologity.

Furthermore I am going to recruit allies in my fight against the Blahs, Indra will post for me (and help with the whole readability thing) and encourage me to write more if for no other reason then she loves me and is fighting her own battle with the Blahs. Frog and Lisa are always good in the fight against the Blahs and are more then willing to submit themselves to my illogicalness in the name of a good cause. And I have other friends that will be willing to help even if they do have their own battles, after all that is what friends are for right?

PS: I will try to let you know when I am posting something 'scavanged'