Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good eats

The food fairy visited me this morning! She brought Gingerbread! mmmm Gingerbread! Does the food fairy know me or what?

I have a long weekend coming up and once again way to much to do. I really need to work on that whole getting a life thing. But with any luck I will be able to sort it all out before I get too much older. wish me luck.

Due to the season I have once again started thinking about what I want, not only for Xmas but also from life. It is hard, there are so many things I want but so little I need and most of everything seems beyond my grasp most of the time. Some day soon (after thanksgiving) I will post a list of links and things for gift giving ideas, mostly for myself. but for any one who is curious too. Today though I am going to keep it simple all I want for Xmas is love.

In other news Cranberries rock. Red and bouncy and full of good stuff that made the itchy burny bladder infection go away. So yes my weekend sucked but I felt pretty darn good by Monday. Which is very disappointing cause I wanted to do naughty things this weekend.

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