Monday, November 19, 2007

Dream a Little Dream

Last night I dreamed one of those strange dreams.... you know the ones where everything seams so real and yet surreal at the same time. I was on a trip / running away from something / going to college and I was transported into the past and transfigured into a statuesque black woman in a really short dress and really high heels.
Then I was working at a gas station with several other people a couple whom I knew from the future. The gas station was 3 stories tall and had no bathroom.
On the first floor it had a typical gas station setup (with rather suspicious looking 'baked' goods) and showers, don't ask me why there were showers. I don't know even in the dream I didn't know, I just accepted. The second floor had bedrooms, a kind of dormitory setup, but still no bathrooms and on the top floor was a Chapel and a conference area and a huge kitchen (where the suspicious looking 'baked' goods were made. But still no bathrooms.
The chapel and conference area was overtaken by knitters and crocheters who had baby blankets for charity spread all over the place. There a bunch of pagans having a circle in a closet on the second floor (for some reason this involved a man standing on one leg like a stork while calling quarters.) who seemed surprised that I wasn't horrified at finding them.

I still am not sure why there were no bathrooms.

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