Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The possum came back the very next day

So last night when I opened the door for the cats the possum was back. This time however I did not shriek like a little girl. nope not me. I instead went in side microwaved some water and gave the thing a bath. That'll teach it!

This weekend The puppies discovered my knitting bag, shortly there after I discovered my yarn all over the floor. Repeatedly. And to make it worse there is not potpourri all tangled up in it. Normally I am not some one to exspouse animal cruelty but in this case I will make an exception. Any puppy going after my yarn is going to get thumped. hard.

Work is stressing me out and my weekends are jam packed full. I really really need a break, I am hoping that Thanksgiving will give me a break. I really need / want to have more time to knit and just relax. What I really want is a super secret hideout, like the bat cave where I can relax and no one can find me except in emergencies. And all the bat gadgets are cool.

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