Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So I had a long weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly. Not that I got any knitting done or half of the other things I wanted to do. But still it was good and I feel much better for it.

No knitting occurred for various reasons, the one I am going with is those darn puppies! Dragging yarn all over the floor and digging in my bag seems to be a alot of fun. So I spent some time making the puppies scared of the yarn (ie: every time they got to close to it I hit them.) Now normally I don't approve of violence directed towards poor defenceless puppies but in this case I will make an exception. My yarn WILL be safe from the pillaging horde!

I did not get the car registered but I did get my tickets paid and insurance changed and the Tax on the house is 500 less then expected so WOOO HOOO on that. I got turned down on financing from Dell which is not surprising but darn I wanted a green computer to play WOW on.

I created a COW with Indra in WOW and got to level 7 before I became unconscious. It was alot of fun. And I named him Huerdinan (I get bonus points for making Frog groan). This of course made me want my own computer even more. Wish I could convince Dell I can afford 50 dollars a month for a laptop.

I had a 7 hour call today. 7 Hours! but that means I am heading home early, which in turn means you will get shopping goodness tomorrow. :)

Luv Ya bubye

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