Thursday, February 28, 2008

Q and A

'How do you stop depreciating a dead goat?' has got to be my all time favorite question here. And gives you a fair Idea of the insanity I face daily. Now I have asked alot of people here that question and got a lot of answers but no one has answered the real question, why were they depreciating a dead goat to start with and why stop? did it suddenly become not dead?

And then there is this picture. I came across it browsing Google and at first glance I thought it was a breast. Actualy the thought that went through my head was 'huh, I didn't know hobbits had hairy tits' So am I the only one that sees a hairy boob when you look at the picture?

I set up direct deposit but for some strange reason got a paper check today. So tomorrow I have to hit the bank and deposit it. I hope next time it is straightened out because personaly it is annoying.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Over the hill.

Here it is Wendsday again and time for another quote.
“He said ‘lets go’,” explained George, “when you get to know Fred as long as I have you’ll eventually learn his stuffed face language. The easiest one is where his eyes bulge and he starts trying to slap his own back, that means he is choking.”
As you may have noticed spell check is not working in blogger so you are seeing my original spelling, scary isn't it.

Looking over my past several posts I realize I haven't been posting that often and when I do it isn't that long. Sorry. I will try to improve, cause I do have stuff to say, just keep putting it off. So here you go something I have been saving up.

See the picture of the big moth (trust me it is a very very big moth) When I was about 7 I found one of those. It had aparently just came out of its cocoon because it's wings had not unfurled yet. I thought it was a huge spider with red stripes and figured anything that big with red stripes couldn't be good and ran for mom. She came out ready to save me only to find a moth instead of a spider. We captured it and called the newspaper. We had a big picture in the paper, the only downside was my brother and sister were in the picture too and moths really don't make good pets regardless of their size.

The end.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

D if for Dog.

D is for Dog, Font is Delta Hey Max Nine, Dog is Tank

Isn't he a Cutey?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Our handfasting, you can't see it here but in all the pictures we have there is a halo over our heads.

My lovely wonderful Indra is 31 today. And if I was a bit more patient there would be dance gifs and midi's to celebrate this. But for now you will have to be satisfied with a picture or two.

Now does she look 31?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lawn Soup

Lots of Rain this weekend meant our lawn was soup. Squishy lawn is just wrong in my book, it didn't even have the decency to puddle. Speaking of the weather I have been under it and am getting darn tired of it. Being miserable is no fun and there is not enough chocolate in the world to make throwing up ok.

On a bright note I offer this picture as proof that I am not the only one who has shoved a kitten under their boob to prove their boobs are big enough to store said kitten (the kitten fit under mine better). In my defense I was very sick at the time, and it does take a very laid back kitten.

Now for the Quote of the day!... I bet you thought I forgot :)
Not one to argue with a bleeding man holding a wet cat, Xander hadn’t
objected to Larry’s choice of names. Though he had been partial to calling it Spike.

Good advice, never argue with someone holding a wet cat.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Indra Loves Temper Time Poem.

To my lovely Temperance, a poem:

"Love Temper. Way too much. Mostly silly."

Love, Indra.

*Nods to Michael Pollan for the structure.

Hump Day

I have decided that Wednesday is Quote Day! Why? because I have all these quotes to share and Monday and Friday are too busy to do it then. Keep in mind that the majority of these come from either Buffy or Harry Fanfic, and I am not going to attribute most of them because I don't remember where I got them.

Here is the first quote of the day...
“Gorgonzilla?” Ron asked as the map swung open. “What is that?”
“A type of animated cheese.” She answered confidently. “From Milan.”
“Animated cheese?” Harry asked, confused. “Why would anyone animate cheese?”
“Strangely enough, it was created as a surveillance and assassination tool at the bidding of a man named Metternich. He didn’t want to be traced, so he went through Milanese wizards, but a combination of bad luck and bad choices exposed him to—“
Some quotes are better, some are worse, but they all amused me.

I sent of My contributions to Purlescence's storyteller competition. It cost me 48 dollars. 48 dollars! Thats alot of yarn (or chocolate). I learned two things from this experience, it is cheaper not to procrastinate and pen pals in foreign countries are a bad idea. I almost decided not to send it, but I really wanted to be in the textile exhibit they have going and I had already told them I was sending the stuff.

I went back to the Dr yesterday because the bronchitis was still making me huff and puff. The Dr gave me an inhaler to use twice a day and told me if that didn't do it they could always shoot me. The inhaler has me a little nervous, there was a long list of rules for its use that summed up was hazardous substance use only if you are already dying. And it tastes bad.

On the way back I stopped and picked up my glasses. As soon as I have a picture I will share, cause they look good on me! Unfortunately the left lens has the wrong prescription and the ear pieces are loose so the glasses keep sliding down. But that is easy enough to fix, it will just have to be later, I am busy now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

C is for Cat

C is for Cat in Chains. Font is Colonna MT, Cat is Velvet

The chain just happened to be lying around and was the perfect touch. I have so few pictures of Velvet, since it is so hard to take a decent picture of a black cat. And I really wish I had the foresite to take more shots of this, like a closer one or one with a better background.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


I got Bronchitus and have been miserable. So this is the first day I have actualy had enough brain to blog.

I had things I wanted to blog about, but at the moment I can't remember them. So I am going to go with a couple of random thoughts and call it a day.

We got Indra's computer fixed, Her CPU was wearing a big fur coat (which is bad) cleaned that off and it stopped overheating.

I took the car to be inspected and was told it needed help. A lot of help. Carborator needs fixed, master cylinder, brake pads, and a couple other things. Total about 1,000, and then it 'may' pass inspection (maybe not). For a free car it is being awfully expensive and I really don't have the money.

I want to upgrade my Flickr so I can have more sets.

I want to be back in my own home.

I want to learn how to keep my mouth shut.

Indra has said somethings that really irratated me recently. She has done the whole 'see I was right thing' about things I had said originally. Then after I gave up trying to convince her she comes back with the 'you were wrong thing' when she is saying what I said all along! So she doesn't listen to me and then goes to an outside source and then claims I was wrong when she says the same thing I did from the begining! It makes me very upset.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm blind!

Isn't this picture gorgeous? And just for Indra I have linked it to the flickr page I got it from (thanks to Cute Overload).

I started on some fingerless gloves for me today. because A. my fingers are darn cold and B. I am not in the mood to work on socks. I have to get the socks finished this weekend if I am going to however. Talk about pressure. And I need to remeasure Celebration before I continue knitting. Anouther weekend project, I think I will steal one of Lisa's shirts and do that Sunday.

As I was planning my knitting I was reminded of my Play it Forward I am looking forward to figuring out what to make and send. I still need two more people to sign up though.

I didn't post yesterday because I spent most of the day changing my blog. It is now 100 pixels wider! But on my computer the paper background has a small jog on the upper right hand side that is driving me crazy! I can't figure out what is causing it or how to get rid of it. Indra doesn't see it on her computer but I see it on Frog's. Any ideas?

I want my glasses, Now that I know how much my perscription has changed I feel even blinder then usual. Now it might just be my sinuses giving me hell due to the weather. Or lack of sleep. but the bottom line is my monitor is to far away for me to see clearly, heck the bottom line is fuzzy too come to think of it.

And a last little bit of goodness, brought to you by Cute Overload.
Feltidermy! its disturbingly cute!