Monday, July 30, 2007

How I spent my weekend

I am tired and sore this morning. I ache all over and want a hot bath and cool sheets. Maybe some hot chocolate, too, cause hot chocolate is always good. I had a looong weekend.

Friday night I helped Esther move and didn't get home til 2am, then I turned around and was up by 9:30. Saturday we had a company event (which we were late to, sorry) and then I went to help Esther move some more (second floor both locations) and put together a bookshelf. Then it was off to a social gathering. We had a ton of fun but didn't get home until 6 am.

And then Sunday started. At 9:30, but I went back to sleep until 11:30. Which let me tell you is not enough sleep. Not even close. And why would I do this to myself? Because I had a meeting at 2. Which now that I think about it really isn't that great a reason. After the meeting, you guessed it, I helped Esther move some more. I finally got home about 9.

And that would have been good, but I was hot and tired and achy and wanted nothing more then to lay down and just stop. Unfortunately life simply doesn't stop like that. I had some laundry to do, some litter to change, supper to take care of and, Darn it, I needed a shower. It was one am before I finally became unconscious.

Which brings me to this morning which came way to early. Overall I would have to say I had a good weekend and would do it all over again given the chance.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Knitting natter

Ok knitting post. Why? Do I really need a reason? Ok well cause I really really wanna knit something and since I have been told no knitting at work I have started to go into withdrawal. I spent the first week or so looking for patterns and checking out websites, last week I went trolling for blogs, and this week I have been reading the blogs and feeling deprived cause they have pretty yarn and time to knit and I don't.

I did however find these cool site, Ravelry and the Sexy Knitters Club. The problem is that I am on the waiting list for the first, I am too late and not interested in the current patterns for the second. I loved a couple of the sexy knitters patterns from the past, but that brings me right back to no time or yarn.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good idea

Carmel custard pear tart, good idea. Spaghetti squash with butter, nutmeg and a touch of cinnamon, good idea. Calling Indra's mother for help, good idea. Never thought I would say that last. but at least this once she pulled thru and last night I picked up the money I needed to make the bills. See I told you it would all work out.

Now I need the kitten fairy to come and find homes for all our kittens. I need to bleach them again tonight (their highlights are fading). Rhonda wants an inventory so she knows who we have and their adoptability. Unfortunately she also wants to know which litters they are from, and quite honestly at this point I am clueless. So I am going for the tried and true method of making it up as I go.

The bad news is I am looking into having the Internet and TV turned off at home to save money. this will lead to a very distressed Indra, good lord she might actually have to do something! On the other hand it should certainly light a fire under our house guests. And this is good cause they need a fire lit under them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad idea,

Malted lime sherbet, bad idea, capers in avocado citrus salad, bad idea, me trying to support 4 people and keep them happy on a balanced budget, bad idea: How do I know? I have done them all with disastrous results. The real problem is that while I have avoided repeating the first two mistakes I keep trying variations on the third, and it is never pretty.

Currently I have a rent check about to bounce and a utility payment that is going the same way. I need about 500 dollars to make it through the next two weeks and could even begin to pay it back until I either increase my income or decrease my spending. I would do anything for family, unfortunately that appears to include going broke. :( I am most unhappy, most unhappy. I am thinking it would be nice if family would do even a bit of the same for me.

But it will work out. Some how. And next post I will tell you about the wonderful person who rescued me, or how I was able to get a loan, or some rich relative who left me some money , or Something. Cause I always manage to get it to work, somehow. Somehow.

Good news I went to the cardiologist and they said I am fine. Which I kind of expected but is still nice to hear. Low B12 is apparently to blame for how draggy I have been feeling. And I am not diabetic or going to die anytime soon. Woot!

I am jonesing for a knit fix though and am not sure when if ever I am going to get the time. To much housework and to many other places I have to be.

This weekend we are going to Medieval Times for a company get together then to a friends for a get together, that admittedly does include a hot tub. Sunday it is a meeting about our foster kittens and a baby shower (scheduled at the same time of course). and then there is the house work, I have laundry that is clean but needs folded, I have kittens to bleach and litter boxes to clean, And honestly I think I am going to count myself lucky if I get all that done.

Some day when I am old and grey I am going to figure out how people manage to have a job, a clean house and a life, cause most days 1.5 of those is taxing me to my limits. Hopefully I will have figured out this budget saving thing long before that though.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I am going to be a little scattered, it is 12:36 am and my brain has still not finished booting.
Tahiti cookies by Pepridge farms are the best store bought cookies I have ever had, heck they are better then many homemade ones I have had too. Coconut and chocolate, crisp and buttery with no funky after taste. mmm mmm good.

I had the money talk with the roommates last night. it went well? now I just have to wait and see what happens, hopefully it will be either be money or moving, cause anything else is really going to stress me out. not that either of those options won't stress me too. but something has to give and I don't want it to be my mind or pocket book.

I spent all weekend helping a friend move. Cause that's what friends do right? Apparently not since I am the only one that showed up. Makes me want to crawl in my cave and bite anyone that annoys me.

The kittens all got their bleach bath last night. The problem is they are now big enough to fight back and opposable thumbs don't beat kitty kat claws in that situation. On the other hand a wet cat is the epitome of uncomfortable in their own skin. They just look so disgusted with their body. It is funny. Well I found it funny.

I have to go get the car inspected on my lunch, I really have put it off way to long, just ask Indra, and I need to talk to the Dr about the results of my annual exam, and I need to get enough brain cells together to write to the spice people about my order they got wrong since they do not answer their phone or return calls. I think that is everything I have to do before the end of work, but I could be wrong.

I figured out the hood on the jacket I am knitting, now I just need to find the time to finish it. And I have to get those patterns written and finish the slippers and knit something for Nicole's baby. I need yarn and time. Badly.

I also need Indra to write me an html cheat sheet so I can put links in here and do other cool things. She has already agreed to take care of my pictures for me so I can actually put pictures of my knitting stuff up. She is so wonderful and tolerant of me. I really don't deserve her.

Indra read the newest Harry Potter book Saturday and I read several select pages of the last couple chapters at the grocery store to see how V died and if Snape was a good guy. I got hit for it when I went home because apparently that ruins the whole experience and how could I do that. I told her it was simple I asked her and she yelled at me so I had to find out on my own. So There!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Evil Git

My co worker is an evil Git, He is a technophile with money. And he wants to get rid of his old super duper laptop so he can get a new one. And so he is selling it for the same price I would pay for a OK for Temper computer and offering to break it into 3 payments. And it is so super duper that even if I had the extra money I wouldn't buy all the extras he has.

I want it! I want it for me! I am willing to share but :( I don't wanna.

And the evil git offers this when I have no money, when I have less then no money. We could afford 50 to 100 a month but I am supporting 2 extra people and trying to save for a property tax and I can't make any payments bigger then that. Heck I can barely make that. And even if I knew some place that would make a loan of 1,000 they wouldn't loan to me because my credit sucks!

I would sell something on eBay but all I got extra of is kittens and they have ringworm.
I would ask a friend but I got poor friends.
I would start a get Temper a computer fund (more posts guaranteed) but see above.
Heck If I knew even one person that I thought had the free cash and I could work a deal with I would so be there. I got skills, I cook, I knit, I got big boobs.

And you know what the worst is? Until the Evil Git made the offer I was OK with not having a computer and eventually getting something put together from old parts and baling twine.

Evil Git

If I won the lottery...

Indra and I play this game that goes like this... If I won the lotto I would..... Now I enjoy this game and have been playing it since I was 6 or so. And to be honest some things are still the same. I would still pay all my bills so I could be debt free for once in my life, I would still go on a shopping spree and get clothes that fit me, looked good on me, and that I would actually wear (even if no one else would).

But while I would still get a home what I want in a home has changed. I use to want a large home with all the rooms you here about but never use, you know a dining room, parlor, living room, family room, office, library, kitchen, pantry, porch, solarium, master bedroom, utility room, mud room, master bath, guest bath, guest rooms, children's rooms, art studio, animal room, well you get the picture. Now what I want has changed.

I don't want the huge house anymore, I wouldn't know what to do with it. I want the rooms I do have to be large rooms with lots of storage and shelves, I like high ceilings and bright colors. and I like the rooms to be versatile. I like wood floors and big windows. I want to be able to look out the windows and see green growing things.

But even more important to me is the neighbors. I call it my commune but what I really mean is a good old fashioned village. I want people around me that I know and like. I want to have a big yard that does not need an 8 foot privacy fence around it. I want a nice park just down the street and a community garden. I want a community center that is like a big home with a huge kitchen and a living room big enough to host a Superbowl game. I want some guest rooms for people that visit the community, I want a dining room for community meals / celebrations, or just a fancy dinner party or two. I want a big community pool. I want lots of old big trees and wooded areas out back. And if I won the lottery that is what I would do.

Expect more If I won the lottery posts

Happy Happy joy joy

I was reading over my past couple days posts and I have realized I am an angsty, depressing person. And you know what I don't like that. Not sure I can change it but I certainly want to try.

I am thinking the fist step is pictures. Happy kitten pictures are always good and lord knows we have plenty of happy kittens at our house. Plus it gives me an excuse to play with the camera and kick Indra off the computer. Double bonus!

I also need to knit so I have knitting stuff to talk about and post cause the worst things about knitting are not getting the yarn you want, not having enough yarn, and having to frog. And since I like frogging (and Frog) that leaves me with stash issues and even yarn I don't have makes me happy cause well it is yarn! So knitting is an upbeat subject even when it isn't.

And lastly I need to talk about what I am doing and what is happening rather than what I am feeling. Cause major depression here! feelings are not usually a happy subject. On the other hand hanging with friends, playing with kittens, doing the hokey pokey, all happy fun things.

Aparently the happy me speaks valley girl, go figure.

Harry Hobbit

Ok, just so you know I got three posts in the works today, might be more but should be at least 3. :)

So to start Harry Potter. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, you know the more I say it the clearer the picture of a little clay covered hobbit, who is for some reason waving a stick. But that's beside the point, and yes I do have a point.

I simply do not get the hype, I do not understand all the tension and anticipation. The books are entertaining, enjoyable, and I will even go as far as to say enthralling. They are not however well written literary masterpieces. I do not see the point of all the hoopla. I definitely don't see the need for all the excitement.

Indra has under taken the task of reading the last 6 books before the next one comes in the mail. Last night when I got home I watched a little TV while I contemplated actually doing some house work. About an hour later Indra yells at me that she had only read 20 pages in the last hour and that she had read 100. Apparently this was my fault, and a great tragedy. I solved this by going to sleep, Indra didn't and at 7:30 am she woke me up crawling in bed.

I swear I am going to start making her sleep on the couch when she stays up late cause it makes her grumpy and then she doesn't let me sleep. Darn her. Separate bedrooms look better all the time, if only she wasn't so damn sexy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

food for thought

I feel much better, apparently the key was not chocolate but Salisbury steak, meat mushrooms and lovely beefy gravy. A little fruit to top it off and I am a happy camper. I used a little bacon in the pan I browned the meat in and then used a little more to sauté the portabella mushrooms with a little wurshershyster sauce and it was very very yummy.

Speaking of food, I did a pork loin with plum glaze and rosemary and garlic and thyme that was truly lovely. The sides still need work, I did couscous with fruit and wine and it was just to heavy because of the sauce. the fruit goes well with the pork but it is a little too dry so maybe next time I will think of something else.

I enjoy cooking, really enjoy it. and good food really does make me feel good. especially when I am the one who made it. And I love a good challenge, it is one of the reasons I like knitting.

Next I think I am going to work on some vegetable dishes that do not rely on fat for flavor.


I feel like crap again today. My stomach seams determined to tie itself in knots. even chocolate is not making things better. No Idea why, I wasn't particularly stressed until I started feeling like this, and as far as I know work is fine, Heck I even managed to iron out some of the never ending financial blech. Still my tummy is not happy and, therefore, neither am I.

You know honestly I think the worst thing about feeling this way is I want things. Well things besides going home and curling up in bed with my Indraz. I want pretty things to distract me. I want yarn to fondle and pet in cheerful colors and luxurious decadence. I want Patterns to drool over and plan exactly what I will alter and what yarn I will use. I want books I can browse through for gorgeous images. I want something to anticipate and get excited over. Something pretty to cuddle to me and hoard. Something that I can use to ward off all this blech and blah.

Since money is limited I am trying to content myself with browsing the web and adding things to my favorites and lust lists. I have been printing patterns and envying others for their stashes. I really need to get a life though. One where it is me creating things, not just admiring other peoples creativity..... and stuff.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The worst day ever!

One last post for the day. cause this is what started it all. Yesterday sucked! I mean really really sucked!

I woke up at 7:30 even though I had gone to bed about 2am. For me this is not good. Honestly any day that starts at 7:30 is on shaky ground.

After I had dithered around for an hour trying to pry my eyelids open I wondered into the bedroom and Indra woke up in an even worse mood then me. She yelled about the dog, the kittens, the pounding and the bird. She cried and panicked about not getting donuts. I stuffed some pills down her, put her back to bed and herded the animals out of the room.

At this point I am awake. Not happy but definitely conscious and functioning. So I turn to email. No money for the vet Rhonda says, check on Bindi reveals a vet visit in her future. So I call around, and then I call Rhonda, Vet visit approved and off I go.

Me and the kitten head to Petsmart, she is curled up under my chin cause she feels miserable. I am not much better and I realize half way there that while I managed to get a bra on I am wearing shorts and everyone is going to be subjected to my very white hairy legs. And I have not had breakfast. I am also trying to call the spice place about my messed up order and for the life of me can't remember my phone number, after three tries I finally get a message left. and I arrive at the vets.

They get me in quick enough and start adding things up and boy is it adding up. And then they throw in the Kicker. No matter what they do Bindi will have on going issues requiring constant medication and mucho dinero spent on medical care (including at least one surgery). This is bad. correction, this is VERY bad. Bindi is a foster kitten and she is now unadoptable, and very expensive, and not really fixable even if I had the money which I don't. I call Rhonda, she agrees, I double check with dr, He agrees. In the end I agree too. It was very very bad, and I cried, alot.

The poor receptionist didn't know what happened and when I went to wait for Rhonda to come pay he was all cheerful and perky. then he saw the bill, it was very awkward for him though I was to upset to really be more upset.

So now there are 5 graves in the back yard that I try not to think about too much.

And to cap it of I spent 5 hours at the Dentist numbed to my eyeballs while I got my teeth cleaned two cavities drilled and a root canal. They put a jaw block in my mouth to keep it open and afterwards (and during) my jaws ached so bad.

I really wish there was a way to make yesterday never happen.

Job satisfaction

Some people are thicker then posts I swear. If you are calling me for help then, for heavens sake, LISTEN TO ME! It is really not that hard to do. honest. trust me. I know what I am doing.


Cause I needed a picture to break up the text?

weather, archive 6/1/07

This morning was surreal. I came into work at 10 and it looked like 6 in the morning, all dark and light at the same time. Then of course the heavens opened up and it poured, rain with a little hail and a heck of alot of wind. I could barely see the road. I got to work and found that the weather had been bad enought that they had herded everyone to the center of the building.

Blah attack

I want to start journaling again. The problem is not motivation or even writers block but rather the overwhelming Blah that is devouring my life. It is sucking all my energy and eating my brain. I write endless entries in my head and occasionally will even start to actually write the entry down before the Blahs attack and I get no where. Heck I even have some old entries I have managed to scavenge from one place or another that I just have not managed to get posted.

But I need to and I want to. But the Blahs are slowly strangling me and taking over my life bit by bit. I am going to fight this though, and I warn you I am not going to fight fair. I am going to start by posting anything I can sneak by the blahs regardless of length, readability or cronologity.

Furthermore I am going to recruit allies in my fight against the Blahs, Indra will post for me (and help with the whole readability thing) and encourage me to write more if for no other reason then she loves me and is fighting her own battle with the Blahs. Frog and Lisa are always good in the fight against the Blahs and are more then willing to submit themselves to my illogicalness in the name of a good cause. And I have other friends that will be willing to help even if they do have their own battles, after all that is what friends are for right?

PS: I will try to let you know when I am posting something 'scavanged'