Friday, July 20, 2007

Evil Git

My co worker is an evil Git, He is a technophile with money. And he wants to get rid of his old super duper laptop so he can get a new one. And so he is selling it for the same price I would pay for a OK for Temper computer and offering to break it into 3 payments. And it is so super duper that even if I had the extra money I wouldn't buy all the extras he has.

I want it! I want it for me! I am willing to share but :( I don't wanna.

And the evil git offers this when I have no money, when I have less then no money. We could afford 50 to 100 a month but I am supporting 2 extra people and trying to save for a property tax and I can't make any payments bigger then that. Heck I can barely make that. And even if I knew some place that would make a loan of 1,000 they wouldn't loan to me because my credit sucks!

I would sell something on eBay but all I got extra of is kittens and they have ringworm.
I would ask a friend but I got poor friends.
I would start a get Temper a computer fund (more posts guaranteed) but see above.
Heck If I knew even one person that I thought had the free cash and I could work a deal with I would so be there. I got skills, I cook, I knit, I got big boobs.

And you know what the worst is? Until the Evil Git made the offer I was OK with not having a computer and eventually getting something put together from old parts and baling twine.

Evil Git

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