Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad idea,

Malted lime sherbet, bad idea, capers in avocado citrus salad, bad idea, me trying to support 4 people and keep them happy on a balanced budget, bad idea: How do I know? I have done them all with disastrous results. The real problem is that while I have avoided repeating the first two mistakes I keep trying variations on the third, and it is never pretty.

Currently I have a rent check about to bounce and a utility payment that is going the same way. I need about 500 dollars to make it through the next two weeks and could even begin to pay it back until I either increase my income or decrease my spending. I would do anything for family, unfortunately that appears to include going broke. :( I am most unhappy, most unhappy. I am thinking it would be nice if family would do even a bit of the same for me.

But it will work out. Some how. And next post I will tell you about the wonderful person who rescued me, or how I was able to get a loan, or some rich relative who left me some money , or Something. Cause I always manage to get it to work, somehow. Somehow.

Good news I went to the cardiologist and they said I am fine. Which I kind of expected but is still nice to hear. Low B12 is apparently to blame for how draggy I have been feeling. And I am not diabetic or going to die anytime soon. Woot!

I am jonesing for a knit fix though and am not sure when if ever I am going to get the time. To much housework and to many other places I have to be.

This weekend we are going to Medieval Times for a company get together then to a friends for a get together, that admittedly does include a hot tub. Sunday it is a meeting about our foster kittens and a baby shower (scheduled at the same time of course). and then there is the house work, I have laundry that is clean but needs folded, I have kittens to bleach and litter boxes to clean, And honestly I think I am going to count myself lucky if I get all that done.

Some day when I am old and grey I am going to figure out how people manage to have a job, a clean house and a life, cause most days 1.5 of those is taxing me to my limits. Hopefully I will have figured out this budget saving thing long before that though.

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