Thursday, July 19, 2007


I feel like crap again today. My stomach seams determined to tie itself in knots. even chocolate is not making things better. No Idea why, I wasn't particularly stressed until I started feeling like this, and as far as I know work is fine, Heck I even managed to iron out some of the never ending financial blech. Still my tummy is not happy and, therefore, neither am I.

You know honestly I think the worst thing about feeling this way is I want things. Well things besides going home and curling up in bed with my Indraz. I want pretty things to distract me. I want yarn to fondle and pet in cheerful colors and luxurious decadence. I want Patterns to drool over and plan exactly what I will alter and what yarn I will use. I want books I can browse through for gorgeous images. I want something to anticipate and get excited over. Something pretty to cuddle to me and hoard. Something that I can use to ward off all this blech and blah.

Since money is limited I am trying to content myself with browsing the web and adding things to my favorites and lust lists. I have been printing patterns and envying others for their stashes. I really need to get a life though. One where it is me creating things, not just admiring other peoples creativity..... and stuff.

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Frog said...

Lisa and I send love affection and tons of healing good love energy your way!