Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Happy joy joy

I was reading over my past couple days posts and I have realized I am an angsty, depressing person. And you know what I don't like that. Not sure I can change it but I certainly want to try.

I am thinking the fist step is pictures. Happy kitten pictures are always good and lord knows we have plenty of happy kittens at our house. Plus it gives me an excuse to play with the camera and kick Indra off the computer. Double bonus!

I also need to knit so I have knitting stuff to talk about and post cause the worst things about knitting are not getting the yarn you want, not having enough yarn, and having to frog. And since I like frogging (and Frog) that leaves me with stash issues and even yarn I don't have makes me happy cause well it is yarn! So knitting is an upbeat subject even when it isn't.

And lastly I need to talk about what I am doing and what is happening rather than what I am feeling. Cause major depression here! feelings are not usually a happy subject. On the other hand hanging with friends, playing with kittens, doing the hokey pokey, all happy fun things.

Aparently the happy me speaks valley girl, go figure.

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