Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blah attack

I want to start journaling again. The problem is not motivation or even writers block but rather the overwhelming Blah that is devouring my life. It is sucking all my energy and eating my brain. I write endless entries in my head and occasionally will even start to actually write the entry down before the Blahs attack and I get no where. Heck I even have some old entries I have managed to scavenge from one place or another that I just have not managed to get posted.

But I need to and I want to. But the Blahs are slowly strangling me and taking over my life bit by bit. I am going to fight this though, and I warn you I am not going to fight fair. I am going to start by posting anything I can sneak by the blahs regardless of length, readability or cronologity.

Furthermore I am going to recruit allies in my fight against the Blahs, Indra will post for me (and help with the whole readability thing) and encourage me to write more if for no other reason then she loves me and is fighting her own battle with the Blahs. Frog and Lisa are always good in the fight against the Blahs and are more then willing to submit themselves to my illogicalness in the name of a good cause. And I have other friends that will be willing to help even if they do have their own battles, after all that is what friends are for right?

PS: I will try to let you know when I am posting something 'scavanged'

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