Friday, July 20, 2007

If I won the lottery...

Indra and I play this game that goes like this... If I won the lotto I would..... Now I enjoy this game and have been playing it since I was 6 or so. And to be honest some things are still the same. I would still pay all my bills so I could be debt free for once in my life, I would still go on a shopping spree and get clothes that fit me, looked good on me, and that I would actually wear (even if no one else would).

But while I would still get a home what I want in a home has changed. I use to want a large home with all the rooms you here about but never use, you know a dining room, parlor, living room, family room, office, library, kitchen, pantry, porch, solarium, master bedroom, utility room, mud room, master bath, guest bath, guest rooms, children's rooms, art studio, animal room, well you get the picture. Now what I want has changed.

I don't want the huge house anymore, I wouldn't know what to do with it. I want the rooms I do have to be large rooms with lots of storage and shelves, I like high ceilings and bright colors. and I like the rooms to be versatile. I like wood floors and big windows. I want to be able to look out the windows and see green growing things.

But even more important to me is the neighbors. I call it my commune but what I really mean is a good old fashioned village. I want people around me that I know and like. I want to have a big yard that does not need an 8 foot privacy fence around it. I want a nice park just down the street and a community garden. I want a community center that is like a big home with a huge kitchen and a living room big enough to host a Superbowl game. I want some guest rooms for people that visit the community, I want a dining room for community meals / celebrations, or just a fancy dinner party or two. I want a big community pool. I want lots of old big trees and wooded areas out back. And if I won the lottery that is what I would do.

Expect more If I won the lottery posts

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