Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Hobbit

Ok, just so you know I got three posts in the works today, might be more but should be at least 3. :)

So to start Harry Potter. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, you know the more I say it the clearer the picture of a little clay covered hobbit, who is for some reason waving a stick. But that's beside the point, and yes I do have a point.

I simply do not get the hype, I do not understand all the tension and anticipation. The books are entertaining, enjoyable, and I will even go as far as to say enthralling. They are not however well written literary masterpieces. I do not see the point of all the hoopla. I definitely don't see the need for all the excitement.

Indra has under taken the task of reading the last 6 books before the next one comes in the mail. Last night when I got home I watched a little TV while I contemplated actually doing some house work. About an hour later Indra yells at me that she had only read 20 pages in the last hour and that she had read 100. Apparently this was my fault, and a great tragedy. I solved this by going to sleep, Indra didn't and at 7:30 am she woke me up crawling in bed.

I swear I am going to start making her sleep on the couch when she stays up late cause it makes her grumpy and then she doesn't let me sleep. Darn her. Separate bedrooms look better all the time, if only she wasn't so damn sexy.

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