Thursday, July 19, 2007

food for thought

I feel much better, apparently the key was not chocolate but Salisbury steak, meat mushrooms and lovely beefy gravy. A little fruit to top it off and I am a happy camper. I used a little bacon in the pan I browned the meat in and then used a little more to sauté the portabella mushrooms with a little wurshershyster sauce and it was very very yummy.

Speaking of food, I did a pork loin with plum glaze and rosemary and garlic and thyme that was truly lovely. The sides still need work, I did couscous with fruit and wine and it was just to heavy because of the sauce. the fruit goes well with the pork but it is a little too dry so maybe next time I will think of something else.

I enjoy cooking, really enjoy it. and good food really does make me feel good. especially when I am the one who made it. And I love a good challenge, it is one of the reasons I like knitting.

Next I think I am going to work on some vegetable dishes that do not rely on fat for flavor.

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