Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm blind!

Isn't this picture gorgeous? And just for Indra I have linked it to the flickr page I got it from (thanks to Cute Overload).

I started on some fingerless gloves for me today. because A. my fingers are darn cold and B. I am not in the mood to work on socks. I have to get the socks finished this weekend if I am going to however. Talk about pressure. And I need to remeasure Celebration before I continue knitting. Anouther weekend project, I think I will steal one of Lisa's shirts and do that Sunday.

As I was planning my knitting I was reminded of my Play it Forward I am looking forward to figuring out what to make and send. I still need two more people to sign up though.

I didn't post yesterday because I spent most of the day changing my blog. It is now 100 pixels wider! But on my computer the paper background has a small jog on the upper right hand side that is driving me crazy! I can't figure out what is causing it or how to get rid of it. Indra doesn't see it on her computer but I see it on Frog's. Any ideas?

I want my glasses, Now that I know how much my perscription has changed I feel even blinder then usual. Now it might just be my sinuses giving me hell due to the weather. Or lack of sleep. but the bottom line is my monitor is to far away for me to see clearly, heck the bottom line is fuzzy too come to think of it.

And a last little bit of goodness, brought to you by Cute Overload.
Feltidermy! its disturbingly cute!

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