Wednesday, January 30, 2008

looking for a silver lining

I am mightily peeved with the car situation. Once again I thought I had everything ready to go and I was thwarted, by an evil government conspiracy! Evil, I say! Apparently The car was registered in Fannin county where the lucky people don't do emissions testing. So I have to get the car inspected so it can pass the emissions test before they will transfer the title. It is almost enough to make me go straight so I could tell some man it is his job to take care of the darn car!

To top off this badness Indra's computer is heading down hill fast. We are not sure what it is but it is giving her blue screens of death periodically through out the day (about once an hour). So this weekend in my copious free time I get to dig around in computer innards to find out what needs replaced. I just hope it is something cheap.

And... My elf shoe toe is just not pointing. I have tried several different things and started multiple times to no avail. I even resorted to browsing Ravelry for ideas, I was not reassured when I saw what currently is available in pointy toes. It was sad, and I will do better. Unfortunately I have a deadline I need to figure it out this weekend so I can send it in.

Goodness is just around the corner though. (see above: pick axe cosy pictures). And I have my kismet lace pattern mostly figured out (including what yarn to use). I have decided socks are my next project until I get a better handle on short rows, cause currently they are giving me a headache. And hey, Socks, everyone needs socks right? Though I have been seriously contemplating doing some quick fingerless gloves for work here one day when I am not so sinusy.

I am really looking forward to getting my glasses. I am hoping it will help with the headaches and itchy dry eyes. Sides I picked out cool glasses besides using my favorite frames for computer glasses. The big problem is going to be keeping the animals from playing with them and me from loosing / stepping on them.

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