Friday, January 04, 2008

News and notes

So lets recap what I have learned this past month.

Lets start with Xmas. I love Xmas, I hate everything before Xmas day though. I don't like decorating, I hate the time crunch on my baking (even though I usually love baking), I don't like the pressure to find the right gifts, I hate the financial stress of all the present buying and baking supplies and everything else. I hate the uncertainty of gift giving (and receiving). Basically Xmas and Valentines day both make me want to curl up and hide. (My Indraz make holidays better)

On the upside my Xmas baking was pretty successful. I made Caramels and Fudge and learned that browning the butter before hand makes the carmels taste better but the butter needs cooled and added later (also marchino cherries are devine in fudge, next yr I need to find some little molds to make them in). I discovered that enough milk in the top layer of GaStSq's makes it spread really nice and tempering the egg before adding makes it not as likely to separate. I learned chocolate covered bacon is definitely tasty but is probably better not combined (I am willing to give it another go though). I found that date pinwheel cookies are easier then I remembered and just as good. And while Honey Cookies always sound so good they just never quite live up to expectations.

I have learned that yes B12 really really makes a difference in my energy levels. And that yes sleep and proper nutrition are important (for some reason I keep forgetting this). I have learned that when playing Santa with more then one person clear and constant communication can save all sorts of things, money, sanity, time..... And Hopefully I have learned that I can not knit fast enough to make presents for everyone (especially if I start in Nov.)

The rest of these I are just thing that made me think, what is not important but if I reach any conclusions I will let you know. Apparently spanking your laptop will make it boot faster. Publishers clearing house is having a drawing for 5,000 a week for life (and why is life usually defined as 20 yrs?, I really expect to live alot longer then that). And do you really want to compare your company / product to a Cadillac? Sure it has bells and whistles and is luxurious, but it is not responsive, fast or maneuverable.

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