Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter wonderland

It was and is COLD. Darn Cold in fact. And more then a bit windy. I was not happy this morning. I was cold, I stopped to get gas and opted to pay inside so I could warm my hands over their hot dogs and other assorted hot foods. It made me wonder how fast I could knit a ski mask or a nose warmer at the very least. I didn't get warm til I got to work and got a hot chocolate from the cafeteria, it was made with steamed milk and was really more like hot milk with a hint of chocolate, but boy was it good. Next time I need marshmallows though.

I had plenty of time since I didn't get to register the car (get to try to do that again tomorrow) so I stopped by Lowes to measure their pickaxes. On the way out I browsed there garden department, they had all their stuff out for spring planting. It made my fingers itch to buy things to plant, never mind that it was freezing outside and I am a lousy gardener. They had Peonies and Raspberries and all sorts of lovelies. And I love Peonies and Raspberries and have never been able to find them in Texas before. But I was strong and resisted temptation.

Today has been slow at work so I have spent time browsing Flickr and Ravelry. Random searches are great things. they let me find things like this series of pictures. Zoo Keeper Says. All these images, funny and otherwise, really make me wish I was better with a camera so I could share the things I see with others.

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