Friday, January 18, 2008

The Secret of Cozies!!!

I have discovered the secret of the Cozy. It is not hideous acrylic yarn in garish colors it is RUFFLES! You know I am finding this whole Pick axe cozy thing fun. I may have to make more cozies so I can explore the relationship between gaudy acrylic yarns and ruffles that produce kitchy goodness. I think next it will be a mailbox cozy.

Last night I stopped by Whole Foods for Esther. That place is Evil! Evil I tell you. They greeted me with a blast of hot air that smelled Divine and then led me on a merry chase through aisles of overpriced specialty goods I would love to try. I mean come on, grind your own peanut butter? its just too much. And then there is their whole bakery/bistro/food thing. It was 8:30 at night I was starved. I managed to get away with just a slice of BBQ chicken pizza, but Damn was it GOOOOD! There was crispy bacon on it and melty cheese and real onion bits. and none of it tasted like it came from the supermarket produce section. I also got a sample of Turkish delight, I have been curious about it for a while but unwilling to pay 10 bucks a pound. It was good, and the lemon sugar was nice but not worth the money in my book.

Some where in all the talking Esther and I did last night I realized I had graduated from caretaker to enabler where Indra is concerned. Not a happy realization, but with any luck I will be over this phase soon. Make me wonder what role is Indra playing in my life?

I have been browsing Ravelry this week and I am scared. Cause I live in Texas most sweaters just don't look like they are worth the time to knit. And I am not a shawl type person, have no children and refuse to knit for the dog. All that leaves is socks, and I don't wanna be a sock knitter! Not that I have anything against socks. Socks can be quite nice but it is like knitting nothing but scarves for the rest of your life. I would go crazy! (well crazier). I am thinking Lace might be a good thing to knit especially if I get involved with the SCA like Esther and I have been talking about. I think though I just need to move somewhere cooler.

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