Monday, January 21, 2008

Tickle me pink.

Saturday night Indra and I went to Halfprice Books and got loot! I got 'Why Paint Cats' as opposed to 'Why Cats Paint'. I absolutely adore it, I have carried it around the last two days to show everyone. Snopes says its a Hoax. Me, I'm not sure, Cause I am pretty sure if there wasn't before there is now. I Know If I had access to some neutralized or organic peroxide my black cats would be decorated.

Ok, I have googled all day. And the lack of anything resembling confirmation leads me to believe it is a hoax. And you know what this makes me sad. And somehow a little disappointed that the world isn't as magical as I thought.

Vindication! it may not be pretty patterns but it sure sounds colorful.

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Indra said...

Magic is still alive and afoot. Now we dyed our Papillon enough at Easter/Ostara, we can certainly plan on a nice creme or blue point Ragdoll in the future to torture and love.