Monday, January 28, 2008

picking up where I left off

I am blind. Its true I went to the optician this weekend and my eyes (or rather my left eye) is rather significantly blinder then my last appointment 2 yrs ago. I was at a -7 for both eyes, now the right is 7.25 and the left is 9.25.

Now for a bit of randomness. From my wonderful lovely and talented Indra comes this gem... If I want a man I will call Dean (our handyman, or 'Husband for Hire' as we call him) or read a romance novel. I told her I didn't think Dean did those kind of house calls.

Also from the love of my life comes my blogs new look, doesn't she just spoil me? I love my template.

Linda sent cereal home Saturday and I seriously considered eating a bowl of each kind last night. But I was good, and waited til this morning to have a bowl of Captain Crunch (I use to eat a bowl every morning duringUpward Bound). Tonight I am going to have Honey Nut Cheerios. I am in cereal heaven!

Speaking of food, I was eating oven toasted garlic bread with tomato and boiled egg on it seasoned with a little garlic salt and a co-worked said it was disgusting and he had to go before he threw up. What is the world coming too, it wasn't even one of my odder combinations.

And finally these are just two good not to share Luna's Hubby and Larceny Lechery and Luna Lovegood. Two great Luna / Harry fics.

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