Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Star Light, Star Bright

Heather said she saw Starla last night. I want to believe her, really I do. But this is the same person that can't tell Cookie and Samantha apart. Cookie is male and has white toes and front and the longest tail I have ever seen. Samantha, on the other hand, is female, pure black and has no tail. Granted Heather isn't around that much and when the cats are curled up it is hard to see feet and tails. SO, did she really see Starla? I don't know but I am going to keep my eyes open and hope like all hell she shows up.

I really wish we had more pictures of our pets. But neither Indra or I are the picture taking type usually (we go through spurts). It doesn't help any that the puppies are so wiggly and that we tend towards black cats. It is nearly impossible to get a good picture of a black cat with a crappy little camera like we have and indoor lights.

All this talk about pet pictures and the luscious images on the blogs I visit has made me want my own little Flickr photo thing on the side of my blog and maybe some links to favorite places. I have looked and can't figure it out though. :( suckage. My lovely template comes from Indra and I adore it. But I am thinking maybe I should think about changing. Maybe something green.....

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Indra said...

Enjoy your Flicker badge, love. I will keep my eyes open for nice green layouts.