Friday, January 25, 2008

Cutie Pie

Linkage today cause I got stuff that is just too good not to share. Like these Knit Cupcakes, or the Eglu from Omlet, even the names are cute. And then there are gems like this.. The daily Coyote. Of Course we can't forget the King of cute, Cute Overload!

The weather is miserable, Indra is miserable and I am not happy about either situation. I am making remarkable progress on Celebration (secret project for Lisa) it is soooo pretty! (pictures on flickr) And I finally got pictures of my Pick Axe cosy to upload tomorrow. And I think perhaps the best thing is I will have Saturday evening to myself! I am really really looking forward to that. Oh and eye appointment on Sat so pictures of me with my favorite glasses soon.

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