Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hump Day

I have decided that Wednesday is Quote Day! Why? because I have all these quotes to share and Monday and Friday are too busy to do it then. Keep in mind that the majority of these come from either Buffy or Harry Fanfic, and I am not going to attribute most of them because I don't remember where I got them.

Here is the first quote of the day...
“Gorgonzilla?” Ron asked as the map swung open. “What is that?”
“A type of animated cheese.” She answered confidently. “From Milan.”
“Animated cheese?” Harry asked, confused. “Why would anyone animate cheese?”
“Strangely enough, it was created as a surveillance and assassination tool at the bidding of a man named Metternich. He didn’t want to be traced, so he went through Milanese wizards, but a combination of bad luck and bad choices exposed him to—“
Some quotes are better, some are worse, but they all amused me.

I sent of My contributions to Purlescence's storyteller competition. It cost me 48 dollars. 48 dollars! Thats alot of yarn (or chocolate). I learned two things from this experience, it is cheaper not to procrastinate and pen pals in foreign countries are a bad idea. I almost decided not to send it, but I really wanted to be in the textile exhibit they have going and I had already told them I was sending the stuff.

I went back to the Dr yesterday because the bronchitis was still making me huff and puff. The Dr gave me an inhaler to use twice a day and told me if that didn't do it they could always shoot me. The inhaler has me a little nervous, there was a long list of rules for its use that summed up was hazardous substance use only if you are already dying. And it tastes bad.

On the way back I stopped and picked up my glasses. As soon as I have a picture I will share, cause they look good on me! Unfortunately the left lens has the wrong prescription and the ear pieces are loose so the glasses keep sliding down. But that is easy enough to fix, it will just have to be later, I am busy now.

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Indra said...

11 buisness days to get your glasses and they got the Rx wrong in one eye? Grrrr. *twitch*