Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lawn Soup

Lots of Rain this weekend meant our lawn was soup. Squishy lawn is just wrong in my book, it didn't even have the decency to puddle. Speaking of the weather I have been under it and am getting darn tired of it. Being miserable is no fun and there is not enough chocolate in the world to make throwing up ok.

On a bright note I offer this picture as proof that I am not the only one who has shoved a kitten under their boob to prove their boobs are big enough to store said kitten (the kitten fit under mine better). In my defense I was very sick at the time, and it does take a very laid back kitten.

Now for the Quote of the day!... I bet you thought I forgot :)
Not one to argue with a bleeding man holding a wet cat, Xander hadn’t
objected to Larry’s choice of names. Though he had been partial to calling it Spike.

Good advice, never argue with someone holding a wet cat.

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