Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Over the hill.

Here it is Wendsday again and time for another quote.
“He said ‘lets go’,” explained George, “when you get to know Fred as long as I have you’ll eventually learn his stuffed face language. The easiest one is where his eyes bulge and he starts trying to slap his own back, that means he is choking.”
As you may have noticed spell check is not working in blogger so you are seeing my original spelling, scary isn't it.

Looking over my past several posts I realize I haven't been posting that often and when I do it isn't that long. Sorry. I will try to improve, cause I do have stuff to say, just keep putting it off. So here you go something I have been saving up.

See the picture of the big moth (trust me it is a very very big moth) When I was about 7 I found one of those. It had aparently just came out of its cocoon because it's wings had not unfurled yet. I thought it was a huge spider with red stripes and figured anything that big with red stripes couldn't be good and ran for mom. She came out ready to save me only to find a moth instead of a spider. We captured it and called the newspaper. We had a big picture in the paper, the only downside was my brother and sister were in the picture too and moths really don't make good pets regardless of their size.

The end.

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