Thursday, November 08, 2007

All around the mulberry bush

Ok so I had stomach flu and was miserable and so no posts, and before that Halloween kept me busy and I didn't really post what I wanted to. but now I am going to play catch up.

Starting with... Lisa the marvelous Reiki master who made my neck work again. Woo Hoo Reiki! We were at a party the sat before halloween and my neck was swollen and sore and I was mucho miserable. Lisa came over and noticed my pain and offered to help. A half hour later I could move my neck and swallow and the pain was gone, the swelling went down and it was great. so once again I say All Hail the Master! and Woo Hoo Reiki!

I also got Yarn, 100% wool handspun for felting. I traded some very pretty silk / rayon blend for it. I did a happy yarn dance when it came in (after checking to make sure I didn't have an audience). It took me way to long to get the return package mailed out though, mainly cause I hate the post office but getting sick certainly didn't help. So I included some extras, she should get them today or tomorrow, I look forward to her reaction. Should I be embarrassed that a little undyed wool can make me so excited?

Had our first puppy class last week, Tank was a good boy and with liberal treating has got the look at me thing down solid and thinks the clicker is the bomb. And darn cute too! Unfortunately Bella didn't go, money is tight and I understand that even though I am not sure Indra really does. But it is all about priorities so I will give Frog and Lisa 100$ a paycheck and let them decide what to do with it.

And then there is the fun stuff.... just a sample mind, If you thought bacon is gods perfect food and chocolate a gift from the gods why not combine the two in this treat? A Bacon candy bar!

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