Thursday, August 02, 2007

we Have a whiner!

Ok, I HATE the dentist now. this is going on the third day my tummy is in turmoil. And I DO NOT like it! Even hot chocolate is just helping a little. I am a sad Temper.

And really, you know, a crappy feeling nauseated Temper is not the best one to be having important emotional discussions with but that is what I attempted last night. Maybe if I felt better I would be more upset by it. As it is I have put it on simmer and am willing everything to go away.

And I firmly believe the lottery will solve everything.

Really! just think about it. Housework? hire a maid. Car problems? get a new one. Mortage payments? Buy the house. Depressing interiors? Redecorate! Stress? take a vacation. Most Importantly, FEEL LIKE CRAP? Stay home and be pampered! See how everything is easier after you win the lottery?

My numbers? 11 23 28 34 42 and 7. Will they win? Maybe. Just have to wait and see won't we. ;)

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