Friday, August 17, 2007

yarn thoughts

I have been thinking alot recently. Which I will admit is a bit of a stretch at times, not that I don't think but in general it is rather random and not that focused. But recently I have been fairly focused even if it is rather scattered. Not that this was what my point was and yes I did have one. I have been thinking about Knitting and what I need slash want to make a go of it.

I need a filing cabinet. Not only to store patterns and other papers safe from the cats but also for yarn storage. I need a design journal something I can put sketches and pictures in. I need knitting magazines so I can figure out who to market what to and how. I need a mannequin to fit things on. I need a good color printer to print inspirational pictures from the web on and eventually my own patterns.

And I need yarn. Lots of yarn spreading out so far and wide, lala la. pink yarn blue yarn yarn with flecks of green. Wool yarn, silk yarn and yarn of Buffalo fleece. mmmmmm yarn!

Soooooo. now that I am over that I think I am going to go try and sleep it off. what ever it is.

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Larry said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I tried to email but I keep getting a message that the page cannot be displayed.

Anyway, about the cable pattern on my blog. It's really easy. If you can find the book it'll be even easier. I don't know how long it will be before I finish that sweater but most likely not before the end of the year. Too many shawls to finish first.