Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Knit natter

ok, So I didn't blog yesterday, or the day before or much last week. But that doesn't mean I am stopping I was just feeling miserable. but after sleeping all day monday I am feeling much better. Honest.

Sunday I went to my first knitting group, It was great I sat and talked and knitted for a couple hours and had a great time. And since this group will be meeting on sundays and is only two blocks from the house I can go pretty much everytime. Woo Hoo I have been waiting for this forever.

And you know the best part of sitting and knitting with other people? I actualy got something accomplished. The sweater coat is almost done. I need to weave the ends in and add the buttons and then it will be done! So I must get pictures up soon so you can see the mess it is now opposed to the finished product. Which will be beautiful (fingers crossed).

Ok I was going to journal more but I ran errands at lunch and got to hot and my brain is still working at half capacity. So I leave you with this final thought...

"Luck is my middle name," said Rincewind, indistinctly. "Mind you, my first name is Bad."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times)

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