Monday, August 20, 2007

An apple a day

Indra is a tattle tale. she told the Dr I snored and don't breathe right when I sleep and now I have to do a sleep study before they will remove things. Not that I think he is going to remove things anyway. stupid Dr. I go in and tell him I am miserable and my throat hurts and he looks in my ear and up my nose and down my throat before telling my to get a CT of my sinuses. I mean I know I have sinus problems but tonsils and lymph node and swelling and feeling miserable (with no fever) Next thing you know he will want to do an allergy test and I will still feel miserable. Stupid Dr.

And unfortunately being sick and hurting make me stupid too. All the more reason for the Dr to make it all better, isn't that their job after all? And some guy that I think I signed up for online called Me about 4 times last week before I had time to talk to him and asked me questions I said yes to and gave him info and think I am getting some sort of credit card deal thing. All I know is I have a confirmation number and should be getting something int eh mail soon. Then it is up to Indra to figure it out cause my brain apparently stopped working about a week ago. The last time I felt like this I had hepatitis A and got a gas card when I didn't even have a car. No Idea how or why that happened but they wanted me to pay fees on it later.

On the whole I am sick and stupid line I am afraid I talked myself into organizing a fiber festival. And not a little one either. Not sure how I really feel about it to be honest. So I am going to wait til I feel human to decide. I just hope I don't agree to anything else before I feel better. I think Indra would hurt me if I did.

PS: still didn't win the lotto, oh well another week, another dollar and an even bigger pot.

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