Friday, August 24, 2007

I've been quoted!

I just got a link in someone else's blog. so I thought that warranted a new post. well truthfully I was planning to journal anyway but extra incentive is good. And since it is only polite to link back I really need to get that script from my love Indra again.

Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits wrote in her blog about the joys of rare breed wool. which made me ask what is it (besides the obvious) and why is it better then regular wool. Today when I read her answer I felt stupid, I already knew most of it just had never really thought about it. She also recommended a good book 'In Sheep's Clothing' I am thinking I should get this next instead of another pattern book. I wonder if they have something similar for non wool fibers.

Indra doesn't know it yet but I am rearranging furniture this weekend. with the sister gone I have my craft room back and I am moving the love seat in there and our big dresser which Indra claims is ugly and doesn't use. So now I will fill it with yarn and be happy cause I think it is pretty. It should be fun listening to her throw a fit about it.

I am making a German chocolate cake this weekend and I think I am going to make cabbage rolls. we will see though. I am tired and already have to much to do. I don't think Indra really understands how much time everything she wants me to do really takes.

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