Tuesday, August 14, 2007

luck of the draw

YOUR DEAREST WISH WILL COME TRUE. Or so my fortune cookie claims. And fortune cookies don't lie right? And since I have my Indra it must mean that at long last financial security will be mine. And since I do no have any rich relatives that could die and leave me a bunch of money I bought a lottery ticket. And since I am not relying solely on the fortune cookie I am reviving my praying skills.

The problem is who to pray to since I am no longer Xtian and usually try to avoid the notice of any higher powers. In fact the only higher powers I can see taking an interest in me and my life are the Imp of Perversity and other random trickster types. I certainly feel like the butt of some cosmic joke at times. Someone had better be enjoying all the crap I go thru because otherwise I just don't see the point. And would hate to think my life was pointless.

On the other hand cosmic trickster types might be just the type to let me win the lottery but I am not sure I would like the punchline to that particular joke. Knowing my luck I would win the lottery and it would be barely enough to pay off my bills and I would be left with just enough to buy a 99 cent burger. And you know while that would be just my luck it would be a significant improvement over my current circumstances.

hmmmmmmm, While I can't be a worshiper of chaos and trickery (just not my personality) I make a pretty good victim. You think that is good enough to get my prayers answered? Or do I need to keep searching for a Deity to champion me. Cause I have been doing the whole relying on myself thing and that is not turning out nearly as well as I would like. And isn't part of the self reliance thing knowing when to ask for help? I just wish it came with instructions on who to ask for help.

So here goes, Anyone, help, please?! I promise to be true to myself (and not bother you to much for repeat performances) and if you leave a forwarding address I'll do what ever is appropriate. Fatted calf anyone?

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