Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Knitters at Large

Here is my first post to my group 'Knitters at Large'...
Welcome to the group. My name is Temperance. I started this group for ideas and help. I have a couple sweaters I have been wanting to start but the short row shaping required to fit me right (and the lack of pictures of real people wearing the designs) has been putting me off. Well that and being in Texas, 8 months out of the yr. the word sweater makes me sweat.

Lately (starting with the Big Girl Knits book) I have thought that maybe I could make a sweater I would actually knit and that would look good on me.

So what are you knitting? What do you want to knit?

and my second post (kinda)...
Thanks, I had seen those groups and joined the Bust line group (might join the fluffy group too). I wanted a group that focused on style and patterns, not techniques, socializing or a book (which while good doesn't have nearly enough in it). Maybe I need to rewrite the discription to better express that.

Lots of patterns can be knit to a larger size unfortunately alot of them leave you looking like a sauage or if they are loose you have no shape at all. I wanted a place where people could post about patterns they found that looked good on them and if they took an existing pattern but altered it what they did to make it fit and flatter them. Such as the Askew that Earthwhisper did with the additional bust shaping, I would never have thought would look that good on someone with curves.

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