Tuesday, October 16, 2007

when it rains

Behold the power of Puppy!

His name is Tank and he is absolutely adorable. I had forgotten how much energy babies have, He runs like crazy for a half hour and then takes an hours nap before getting up and running like crazy again. Oh the joys of being young.

last night on the way home I accidently ran over a curb and killed the car. It now only has drive, it 'drives' in reverse, it 'drives' in neutral and it 'drives' in park. :( very unhappy making for me who had plans to be back in our own place for Xmas and solvent. Looks like we will be staying longer then planned unless I suddenly get a brilliant idea to make everything better.

This morning I finnaly got some pictures taken of my knitting, just some but it is a start. I got plans, evil plans to get thos pictures up this week, I am tired of seeing the picture not available icon. Heck I might even post a couple of the pictures here.

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