Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Raveled and frazzled

My Ravelry invite came on Friday; while I was home sick with some virus. That meant it was Monday before I had a chance to go online and explore and since work was busy I didn't even get to do much of that. At this rate Saturday will be the earliest I will have a chance to really do anything besides look at the pictures (they are very nice pictures however). And I never did get around to getting pictures taken to load up.

I am really thinking that what I want is my own computer. that way I am not trying to crowd everything I want to do into the little time I have while Indra is else where.

Ok I got distracted by work before I could post this so I am going to add a little more and then post it...

I spent the last two days exploring Ravelry. I have added items to my queue, selected some favorites, uploaded a picture for my profile, and started a group. I am particularly proud of the last two.

I really really want to start post more journal entries, and I want to get profiecient with pictures and links so I can make my journal more exciting. Part of my problem with that is since I only post at work finding the time to find said links and images and then put them in a post. I do my actual journaling in editpad so I don't have to worry about time outs and unexpected crashes but I can't do that with pictures. one more reason to get my own computer.

I also want to knit more I really need to find the time and space for it. it kind of goes with the posting more, I just don't have the time energy or attention span. :( I am hoping that modern pharmacuticals can help. maybe steal some of Indra's ritalain

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