Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ok, in order, Indra finally noticed the lump on my neck, its been there about 3 weeks. When I see the Dr wed he will take a look at it, no clue what he will decide, but I probably won't like it.

I started my period and got the stupidest It guy ever at the same times, and let me tell you cramps and idiots do not mix. I have been reduced to banging my head in frustration. 3 hours, 3 hours and he still doesn't have a clue, and you know what really burns my butt? he gets paid more than I do!!!

Right now when, and yes it is a when, we get the pug puppy his name will be either Lucky or Barnabas. Contrary person that I am, I am voting for Barnabas (or Pickles).

I did get my car insurance taken care of. finally, and hopefully in time so i don't lose my licence. and I believe i can get the cats into the vet next week, along with me to the Dr and Indra some meds, after that. Nothing, I will be broke again, poor as a church mouse but with out all the charity.

I still have no pictures but that will be fixed soon, either Indra will do it this week or Sunday I will do it. And if i do it Sunday Indra will have to take care of herself and not be on the computer while I am home. Cause these things take time you know. (notice the subtle manipulation, threats and guilt trips)

And Lastly, the sweater for Lisa is coming along beautifully. I mean really beautifully. And hopefully there will be pictures soon to substantiate this claim.

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