Wednesday, December 12, 2007

jingle bells

I had a entry all planned in my head but now of course I have forgotten it. So here is my brain in all its disorder....

I spent this weekend cooking. It was joyous and wonderful and I can still feel my teeth rotting. Esther came over and taught me to make fudge that is actualy fudgy (instead of runny or crumbly) and carmel that is nummy. We also experimented. some very low carb treats were the result and one very high carb cookie. I have to say Browned Buter Cookies rock! I was a little doubtful about the texture but the taste makes that inconsequentual. I don't think I am up to making as many cookies as I had planned though.

Frog got the flu so I had to make a run to the house for heaters cause he was freezing. Poor guy is miserable and there is nothing I can do to make him feel better. His leg is swelling and hurts something fierce. Lisa is talking about taking him to the hospital later cause she thinks he has a blood clot. I would have to agree. :( Poor man.

We moved the bunnies and bird this weekend too. they are now sitting in the living room by the computer. I like them there and apparently V'ree likes it too. She is all excited to be close to people and a part of things. The puppies are all excited to have extra floor to run on (and poop on). The cats however are less then thrilled with the loss of there puppy free area. I just like being able to get back to the Fridge (and seeing all that open floor).

And finally I am down to one pair of jeans. I am sad.

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