Tuesday, December 25, 2007

All I want for Xmas

As promised here are some Xmas wishes...

Of course Knitting features prominently, with things like these Stitch Markers that make me drool or Luscious Yarn in lace weights from here. Knitting needles are always good, Bamboo double pointed needles sizes 00 - 4 and Aluminum circular needles sizes 2 - 5. Lets not forget the Knitting books, for those just check my amazon wish list. Really though I think the patterns are the real point of Knitting (or maybe it is the yarn) like these patterns.

I love the scooped necked version of the Ribbi Pulli and these animals are just too cute for words. And this scarf amuses me greatly (they have alot of other great patterns too).

And speaking of things to wear..

This T shirt is top of the list followed closely by this one. Both appeal to my mercenary nature. And to go under it all Kama Sutra Wild Clove Luxury Bathing Gel makes my shower lots more fun. :)

Seeing as I am not vain (well not very much) lets get back to more important things. Books and Cooking! Books are easy.. 'Tarzan' and anything by Terry Pratchett will entertain me for hours!

I have a slightly longer list of things for the kitchen, but sorry no links just ask at your favorite store or do a Google search. I need loose leaf tea to take full advantage of my wonderful Xmas gift from last yr. I prefer Chai but really any flavor is delightful. I have also been looking for an Ice Cream maker, one of those little ones that go in the freezer type deals. Two Items I have discovered recently and fell immediately in lust with are nutmeg mills (or grinders) and microplane graters for zesting things. Both of these have hit the top of my must have list. Finally Cookie cutters, I like em. A lot. Particularly the little ones and unusual ones. And I think the copper ones are beautiful.

These last items are perhaps the most important, Cause you know I am a Toys 'R' Us kid and I refuse to grow up! The general rule is anything in the toddler Aisle, I like moving parts bright colors and sound. Specifically I lust after Tinker Toys and Mister Potato Head just plain rocks (have you seen the pirate set?)

And if that isn't enough choices here are some of my lists from the web:
My Delicious Lust list
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PS I set the time of this post to Xmas day until then check below for updates.

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