Thursday, December 06, 2007

keeping up with the Jones

So I adopted another Cat, Pretty Little Miss Wednsday. I didn't really do it on purpose but I couldn't let her starve on the front porch. I might have been able to let her starve on the neighbors, but not ours.

She is a pretty little black calico with a sweet face and personality. The other cats like her and she tolerates the puppies and me. So..... we got another cat.

In other news, Money and me aren't friends, that is the only explanation as to why it keeps leaving me in the lurch. I always manage to squeek through but since I am not a rodent this really needs to stop. Theoreticaly I should have plenty of money, or at least enough. But once again where theory meets reality there is a bit of a gap.

Enough of that though, its not new and so it is not news so on to ever better things..... Anyone know something new and interesting?

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