Saturday, September 15, 2007


So here I am right back where I started from.

Talked to the dr on friday and he asks me if the sleep study guy told me the results of the test and set me up with a mask. seemed to think that they should have taken care of everything. stupid man. and to add insult to injury he finished up with sleeping better should improve my energy levels like that would fix me all up. Stupid man. Seemed suprised when I told him I was sure sleeping better would indeed help my energy levels but it wasn't going to do anything for the lump under my jaw or my sore throat and ear.

Shortly after my last post my world went pear shaped. money became so tight that even the monopoly money started to squeel for mercy. I did a quick figure and discovered that things were going to get turned off and weather we had a place to live or not was in question. Indra came up with a good idea and thanks to Frog and Lisa we are saved! and I feel incredibly guitly because we have basicaly made our problems theirs and its not like they didn't have problems of their own.

We have moved in with Frog and Lisa and they are supporting us. :( I am very glad to have friends like that but very sad that we are something something something (sorry don't know how to express it). Fortunately it is short term. Three months in fact. though what I would do if it wsn't enough time or I decided I couldn't support us I don't know. I do think Indra is going to have to learn to live with less and economize, I can't afford to give her everything and that upsets me (of course everything upsets me now since I am on my period)

Now that things have settled a bit hopefully I will be blogging more cause I do enjoy it. :)

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