Friday, October 24, 2008

Its Donut time!

I have discovered that the local grocery store puts out its fresh warm donuts at 8am. And they are good, not to greasy, not to sweet and warm, mmmmm. Now there is a reason to get up early.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I started my period on Sunday, TMI I know but it is relevant, I am having a terrific craving for chocolate chip cookies, and strangely enough corn bread. I just ran out of chocolate chip cookies but with luck I will have cornbread tonight (If I remember to get eggs)and there are more cookies at home, I just have to make it through the next 8 hours.

We got a new dog this weekend a very nice black Schnauzer mix. He is very polite and very shy. He even has a dignified, civilised name, Ashton. I would post a picture but he is black and there are enough black blobs on the Internet and I don't need to add to them. If we get a decent picture I will post it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Indra has been holding out on me. I'm shocked, and apparently its been going on for months, with out her telling me. There are not words to describe how betrayed I feel. She has been watching House with out me! She tells me it is my own fault since I was the one that told her to watch it on the computer since we don't have cable. But still she didn't share?

The lovely picture you see to your right is a coworker, who I will not name, he wore this getup for our customer service week pajama day. His excuse is this is what he wears to deer camp so he doesn't get shot. Personally if I saw that first thing in the morning I think it would be justifiable homicide.

this latest blogging lapse is due to a second round of poison ivy. We are currently blaming the dog for my latest episode. Once again I itched all over and to top it off I got a sinus infect and spend three days an itchy irritable achey mess before the meds finally worked. All in all I spend a week to distracted to do anything and then this last week has been a tax deadline and I have been busy. But with any luck that is changing. I am once again healthy ish, and definitely less harried.

In the news is I am set to start working from home in a a week and a half, and I am looking forward to that. I have grand plans to knit more, watch the shows I have missed this yr, sleep late and cook more. Heck I may even try to do more house work. Another big plus is the money saved in gas and with access to the pantry in food.

I keep telling myself that I will eventually learn how to handle money but then the lack of money to handle keeps getting in the way. I am getting better though and that has me feeling pretty good. I was complaining about the lack of cash in my life the other day and my in ability to get ahead, when a co worker offered this bit of wisdom, "You know that life you don't have? you have to give that up to get ahead." unfortunately that is soo true.