Monday, February 23, 2009

just one of those days

This tax season is so bad I have started drinking Dr Pepper again. I have been caffeine free for several yrs and now this.

I was sick last week, it seems to be a never ending theme with me. I was miserable the whole time but not so miserable I didn't get frustrated that I wasn't getting anything done. Fortunately I got better rather dramatically, and almost caught up with my missed week. But the point is I am tired of being sick or busy or what ever that keeps me from having a life.

I am not sure what I am going to do about it (besides stop drinking Dr Pepper) but something has got to change. I have a feeling what is going to have to change is me and the way I think. And you know those are some of the hardest things to change.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A new day.

My previous estimate of time worked was incorrect, according to my time sheet I am working 60 to 70 hour weeks. If I wasn't working from home I couldn't do it. As it is I am dragging bottom. The days I have an hour lunch are a reason to celebrate. I have never had a tax season like this before, last year went so smoothly I guess I got spoiled, I definitely wasn't ready for this! The money is nice but having time to spend it would be nice too.

We have great friends and one of them came thru with computer parts (no sex involved). The floppy drive smoked and the video card fan sounds like it is trying to take off, but it works. Well kinda, the memory that came with it was mostly bad and the dvd drive and cd rom drive are making me crazy (sometimes it works, sometimes not). And to top it off Indra's main hard drive is acting flakey and i have4 to try and salvage the data from it and find a place to put it. In my copious free time of course.

I got good stuff though. I cashed in my Lowe card I have been saving for 2 blueberry bushes and 4 raspberry plants. I have been wanting berries since we bought the house! I was lucky, they were just taking the plants off the truck when I showed up. Now all I need is the pampas grass I have dreamed of since I was a child and I will be one happy gardener!

In other news I am getting free books! That's right every bibliophiles dream come true, FREE Books! A blog I read daily Blake Makes is starting a magazine and looking for writers. I offered to do book reviews (and maybe an occasional article) in exchange for books to review. I started an Amazon wish list of food books that sounded interesting, and can't wait to see what shows up first.

I gotta say, right at this moment, Life is looking pretty darn good.