Thursday, September 10, 2009

In other news

Indra and I are making changes. it is slow but we are going to do it. We both need to loose weight, we want a cleaner house (dirty dishes on the counter is a sorry thing) and we both want to eat better. Depression is a major obstacle for both of us, followed closely by pain (it is hard to clean when it hurts to sweep).

We are making plans, simple easy plans, and starting to dream (while trying to stay realistic, I will never be a size 14 again, I will be very lucky to every see a size 16 again) But it is a start.

I have a new knitting project, it is a Xmas present for Indra that she sort of knows about but since it is lace (with beads) she won't get to fully see it until I give it to her, right now it is sort of scrunchy.

I am quiting Daring Bakers, I just don't have the energy, money or interest needed to complete their challenges, instead I will be challenging myself to cook at least one recipe a month from my favorite desert book. Classic Home Desserts by Richard Sax. Indra and I have a system worked out, I select the chapter and she selects the recipe. To make it a little more challenging I am going to be reducing the recipes to two person size and I am thinking about making a second variation of each just to challenge my creativity. Indra has expressed an interest in baking bread (which I am all for) so hopefully there will be fresh bread around here soon too.

Indra is talking about starting up blogging again, and I am going to try and blog more if only for myself. Indra wants us to do a blog together but I am really not sure about that, we have to drastically different styles and different interests and well everything. We will have to see what happens. Meanwhile I am redesigning my food blog High on the Hog. It needs some color and graphics and sparkle and pizazz! I may even be using wordpress with it, assuming of course I figure out how to do that.

My AC1 results came back as stop eating bad stuff before you become diabetic (so did Indra's) so we are trying to cut down on processed foods and carbs and up the protein and veggies we consume. It is not easy let me tell you. Protein costs money, and that is something in short supply around here, so Indra and I are talking food alot more and she is going to be helping me more so I can cook food instead of just heating things up. At least that's the plan and we all know how well those work.

In other news I have given up on WOW and am now playing EQ2, granted not alot but it really is alot more my speed. As a bonus they have housing for me to decorate :)

Monday, September 07, 2009


It has been a bit since my last post for which I apologize. I got busy, got sick and played a whole bunch of catchup. Lately it has been I felt like crap, mostly anyway.

For those of you that don't follow Facebook and aren't members of Recipes to Rival (shame on you) I spent a week in the hospital and three weeks on either side of that feeling slightly better than crap. So I spent my whole month not eating, not cooking and not doing much of anything not required for basic survival.

I learned a couple things this month, like after a week of juice, malt-o-meal can make me cry and when you have a fever of 104 an ice bath is a lovely thing. I also learned that I have no idea how to clean and hiring a maid once in a while will make my life much much cleaner (and happier). I also learned that you can't dry heave forever, eventually you will find something to get rid of (not my most favorite discovery).

Most importantly I rediscovered how great my friends are, the one that took care of the car payment, the one that paid the electric bill and the one that got the new water heater on their Lowe's card. Not to mention the constant calls to see how I was doing and offering to drive an hour to take Indra shopping or pick up meds.

So Thanks all, and I got alot of catching up to do. :)