Monday, May 11, 2009

Under the weather

We were Internet less this weekend starting about Friday afternoon. Indra went into serious withdrawal and started to clean. It got so bad she scrubbed the kitchen counter with a toothbrush. Granted it was an electric toothbrush but still. If it wasn't so cruel I would consider random Internet outages to keep the house clean.

I am in training for the next several weeks, A+ and Individual tax. I start work at 8:30 and the A+ class ends at 10, that is really not alot of time for a life, or well anything. Poor Indra is having to take care of herself and the house without me. I come home and pass out, if she is lucky I may peck her cheek on my way thru.

The A+ class is easy, I have taken the test and passed once already, granted it was several years ago, and not alot has changed. Besides I do that stuff for a living. But I get a new computer out of it and a shiney new certificate to hang on the wall.

The Ind class on the other hand has me scared. I am not good with money and the IRS insanity called a tax code. Honestly it gives me a headache and makes me very frustrated. To add to the pressure this means I will be expected to take at least a few tax calls. I have alot of mixed feeling about the whole thing but I can't complain to much, I did volunteer after all.

I find it ironic that I am spending all day on a computer but I am not finding enough time to do all the things I need to do on the computer. I also find it Ironic that working as hard as I do in a supposedly well paying field that I have as many money worries as I do. Obviously I am doing something wrong.

The sucker punch to my productivity the last week or so (besides the appendix thing) has been the weather. It has been rainy, hot and all around blechy. I have felt lethargic, sticky and floaty headed, not exactly conducive to hard work. Which has been bad because as always there is alot to do and alot I want to do and neither is getting done. I am almost at the point of having a bunch of friends over to clean everything.

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